Naruto 661 Prediction - The Prophecy

All the bijuu were extracted

Gaara : Naruto !

Naruto was lying there he could not move Sasuke ran towards Naruto as fast as he

Sasuke : ....... and...the others

Sasuke was only looking at Naruto

Madara : Naruto is still alive.........he has mito's blood no time to end it Naruto!

Madara walked a few steps.

Madara : Katon : Gokamekyuu!!
Sasuke stepped forward to defend Naruto from the attack

Sasuke : Katon Gogakujuu no jutsu!!

Sasuke was slowly lossing this clash of fire
Sasuke ( i......won't lose to this......blasted zombie )

Sasuke closed his eyes and gathered a huge amount of Chakra


The amaterasu took over Madara's fire ball but Madara absorbed the attack, Sasuke was worn
Madara : It's a shame that you oppose me young Uchiha.

Madara Susanoo was being formed
Madara : Yasaka Magatama!
Sasuke hasn't recoverd from his last attack

Sasuke : ( i.....need...... more ...time )
????? : Senpo : Suiton Sujiheki!
?????:Senpo: Fuuton : mekishoha!

The magatama's were destroyed by The Toad Sages
Fukasaku :'s not over.....yet
Shima : That's right it can't over you are the child of prophecy

The toad Sage's used the amphidian justu to attached themself to Naruto
injected Naruto with Senjutsu Chakra.

Naruto was standing up as he was standing up he was entering Sage mode but the
patern on his eyes was different since attached to the toad Sages.

Naruto : Thanks you ....guys
Sasuke : ( he still.....has more......)

Fukasaku : Alright Naruto-chan lets show the shinobi world the full power of mount myobyuzan!
Shima : Nevermind that i just wanna go home to make dinner.

Sasuke : Naruto....lets go
Naruto : right..

Sasuke formed Susanoo with Naruto in it
Sasuke : Add... your chakra

Naruto was adding his senjutsu chakra to Susanoo instead of getting the curse seal pattern the Susanoo
went from purple to yellow and the susanoo gained the same markings in his eyes.

Sasuke was noticing this.
Sasuke : ( It's like his chakra is dominating my Susanoo )

The five kage were coming, and the edo hokage

Madara : It's time to become the jinchuriki


Naruto 661 Prediction - The Prophecy

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