Naruto 530: Ino, Shika, Choji in action!

by: superninja

Naruto 530

Shikamaru: "That was effective, now we can use the sealing jar to quickly end all the edo zombies."
Darui: "The jar can only hold one person at a time so it is useless until we empty it."
Ino: "Shikamaru look, it's sensei!"
Asuma standing in the distance.
Darui: "You try to catch him with your shadow binding and I'll loop his head off."
Shikamaru: "No, that guy is our sensei. The three of us will deal with him."
Darui: "Suit yourselves, just make sure you don't be sorry later."
Chouji: "What are we going to do?"
Shikamaru: "I'll try to shadow bind him and talk to him, maybe I can break his curse like that. Whatever happens don't hold back, you won't hurt him since he is in this state."
Tenten: "Hi guys, can I help you with your plan?"
Shikamaru: "Chouji, Ino and I are going at him from his left side, you start throwing kunais at Asuma when we are in position or if Asuma attacks first. Lets go!"
Shika, Chouji and Ino circle around Asuma while Asuma is standing there.
Shikamaru does hand seal: "Signal Tenten to attack!"
Tenten starts throwing kunais from her scroll, Asuma evades or deflects them with his kunai. Shika tries to catch him with his shadow, but Asuma jumps away.
Shikamaru: "He is jumping around us so we stand between him and Tenten."
Teten: "That makes no difference."
Tenten throws her kunais up and they fly over Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji and start falling towards Asuma.
Asuma throws his kunai at Shikamaru. Chouji blocks it with his hand, but it goes through since it's wind chakra infused and passes close to Shikas head.
Shikamaru: "Damn...."
Chouji: "Aaaah!"
Ino: "I'll try to heal that."
Shikamaru: "If you didn't block it, it would have probably killed me."

Meanwhile Darui faces Kakuzu.
Darui: "You don't look like a pushover, where have you been hiding the entire fight?"
Kakuzu: "Obtaining useful parts and pieces...I think your heart will be the most prized possession I'll acquire here."
Darui: "My heart is already promised to a certain lady so you can't have it. Your entire group has been defeated so give up already."
Kakuzu: "I have my own plans, it feels good to be back in the world of living."
Darui (thinking): "I don't have much chakra left, but I can try."
Darui does the laser circus, Kakuzu dives under earth.
Darui: "Damn..."
Darui jumps into air, but one of Kakuzu tentacles manages to wrap around his leg. A lot of alliance shinobis come running and one of them cuts the tentacle with a sword.

Meanwhile Asuma gets caught with Shikas shadow jutsu and gets covered with kunais.
Shikamaru: "Sensei..."
Asuma: "Shikamaru...have you taken good care of the king?"
Shikamaru: "Your child still hasn't been born, but will be anytime soon."
Asuma: "So it hasn't been long since I died."
Shikamaru (starts crying): "No...I will take good care of your child. If it's a boy, he will be the strongest and bravest in Konoha...if it's a girl, I bet she will be beautiful."
Asuma: "All of that is not important as much....what is important to me is to know you will be there. He might be the weakest guy in Konoha, but I know he will be the most fair with you as his mentor. She might be the ugliest girl, but I know she will never feel unloved with you around. I am a lucky guy..."
Shikamaru: "I promise you that much."
Chouji and Ino come closer wiping tears.
Asuma: "I am sorry for all the trouble I caused you now. Sorry for the arm Chouji."
Chouji: "It's all right."
Asumas soul gets free.
Asuma: "Ino, Chouji and Shikamaru, I am proud at how strong you've become. Keep growing. And also Tenten, tell her to improve her aim a bit."
Shikamaru: "Goodbye again."


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