Naruto 675 Prediction - The complete set

Madara launches an assault from the other dimension!?

Sakura: !?
Obito: Shit!
Madara: *Grinning evilly* I'm probably the last person you hoped to see.

*The scene switches back to the real world*

Kakashi: Ha...ha...

Sasuke: Kakashi sensei are you alright!?

Naruto: Kakash sensei!


Kakashi: Yea...i'm alright.

Kakashi: (Obito....i'm sorry i've lost the gift that was my only reminder of your existence)

Kakashi: The fact that i'm powerless...given that I can't do much anyway given our current predicament

Naruto: Don't think that way sensei!

*Scene switches back to the kamui world*

*Smoke is shown*

Madara: Heh...of course, I forgot that you were able to deflect the balls with that bothersome staff earlier

Obito: pant...pant (This really is bad, I at least have to get Sakura out of here)

Sakura: Haaaa! *Sakura punches Madara's upper body*

*Madara's upper body goes flying*

Madara: Heh

*Suddenly Sakura gets hit by limbo and knocked out*

Obito: WHAT!?!?

*Obito's Rinnegan is pulled out*

*A floating Sharingan is seen flying back towards Madara's upper body*

Madara: This is amazing!

*His body heals at a much faster rate than the damage Gai did*

*Scene switches back to the real world*

Hashirama: I see...

*Sasuke pulls out the rods*

Sasuke: Hurry up! I'll explain along the way!

Hashirama: Right.

Naruto: !?

*Madara warps back to the real world with his Rinnegan in his hand*

Naruto: What happened to Sakura and Obito!?

Madara: *Smirks good question*

*Scene switches back to kamui world*

*Obito looks at an unconscious Sakura*

Obito: Sakura...I have enough chakra to send one of us back to the real world. *shuts his eyes*

Obito: A kunoichi, a medic, and a person Naruto holds close to his heart. Sakura you truly remind me of Rin...

Black Zetsu: And what will you do Obito?

Obito: *smirks* You and I get to go together >: )

Black Zetsu: Grr, you bastard, at least I have helped Madara sama accomplish his mission of regaining his eye.

Obito: It is true....Even after a change of heart I still failed.

*Warps Sakura to the real world*

Obito: At least I can assure my last mission is done right.

*Obito falls flat on the ground*

Obito: This is it....for me.

*Back to the real world*

*Sakura is shown warped on the ground, unconscious*

Naruto: Sakura! *Angrily he spikes more chakra*

*Team taka, and Tobirama arrive*

Naruto: Eyyyyyy who's the monster with the horns!?

Kabuto: Well well Naruto, it's me. Kabuto.

Madara: *Smirks* So you were the fool that used the edo tensei so recklessly, you must feel pretty guilty.

Kabuto: It'd be a lie if I said I wasn't.

*Sasuke and Hashirama return*

Sasuke: Tsk! Sakura!

Hashirama: Why Madara...why have you gone this far.

Madara: *Evil laugh again*

Tobirama: Damn, is that?

*Madara puts the Rinnegan back in, he destroys Kakashi's eye*

Madara: To do accomplish what you failed to achieve...TRUE PEACE.

Madara has regained both eyes!?

Naruto chapter 675 end.


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