Naruto 699 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

Naruto 699 spoilers!!! NARUTO 699 Predictions&Discussions!!!

Naruto 698 has been released now!!! Enjoy the new chapter!

This chapter begins with Sasuke's Chidori coming straight for Naruto, right before he strikes though Naruto notices that Sasuke's Sharingan gets deactivated, it's quite amazing that it's been active for this long considering how much chakra the Sharingan is supposed to consume but anyways due to Sasuke's loss of his Sharingan he is unable to dodge Naruto's very sweet uppercut. I predicted an uppercut last chapter but thought it might come from a clone instead.

Naruto has some damn powerful uppercuts doesn't he? and it's always a bit funny to see fights being settled by a couple of punches and not the massive amount of tools Ninjas have at their disposal. Don't get me wrong I love the current taijutsu fight, I just find it a little bit strange that a few punches will settle a fight rather than giant Susannos and Bijuu bombs.

Even though Naruto managed to land a strong hit, it does backfire a little as Sasuke ends up absorbing some more of Kurama's chakra, this stolen chakra enables Sasuke to prepare his Chidori + Blaze element technique, Kurama to make up for two mistakes in a row (he let Sasuke steal his chakra in the last chapter too) gives Naruto what's left of his power and then...takes a nap. He does inform Naruto though that Sasuke can't use ninjutsu and drain chakra at the same time, so he shouldn't worry about losing any more of his strength.

The shot of Naruto and Sasuke charging towards each other with Kurama telling Naruto how he is a good friend to him is amazing, for me the most interesting character development in the last 100 chapters have been for Kurama, he's definitely a ton more interesting as this sarcastic but nice jackass than he was before.

One of my readers predicted 2 or so weeks ago that the final blow between Naruto and Sasuke will be near the feet of the statues and it will be another Rasengan vs Chidori attack, Congrats on that awesome prediction because I certainly didn't expect it to happen when Naruto and Sasuke were so low on chakra.

The final attack knocks both combatants out but when Sasuke wakes up we see that Naruto has been awake for some time now, I'm sure some Naruto fans will see this as a victory yet it definitely feels more like a draw to me than anything. The fact that neither of them can even move further reinforces that no one really won this fight.

Of course since neither person can fight anymore it's time for them to fight with their mouths, commence Therapy-no-jutsu, one pattern I've noticed with people who convert to the church of Naruto is that at some point they will either yell or cry during his speeches.

Naruto can really be very funny sometimes, after making fun of Sasuke's sudden urge to communicate he starts explaining what the word friend means, perhaps if they taught friendship 101 at the ninja academy then Sasuke wouldn't have gotten this crazy? Naruto explains that when he sees his friend in pain, he can feel it too and that's pretty much all he can say about it, his explanation actually gets Sasuke to smile which makes him far more relatable, for once.

As always with all the characters in Naruto we get some flashbacks of their past and Sasuke remembers how he was watching Naruto since they were kids and how he did his antics in order to get attention, how watching Naruto made him feel both better and weaker (very bipolar if you ask me) how ending up on the same team made Sasuke remember his family, how Sasuke eventually became jealous of Naruto.

I think Sasuke doesn't see things quite as they are, during part 1 everyone praised Sasuke and mostly ignored Naruto and considered him a loser. I wonder where this image of Naruto and Itachi being similar comes from.

Those two don't look good do they? Naruto complains about how he can't move and Sasuke admits that he lost this fight, not sure I'd count Naruto not being able to even move as a victory but perhaps more important than the physical beat down is Sasuke realizing that if the feud between the two brothers ends, that is another form of revolution, and if he dies then Naruto can just transplant his Rinnengan into Kakashi (cause eye transplants have become a joke in Naruto). Naruto is adamant though about Sasuke living and helping him in his new world, when Sasuke asks how can Naruto be so sure that they won't end up fighting again...well we get a pretty interesting image.


Well firstly I want to congratulate Deroy Ferdinan for accurately guessing that Naruto and Sasuke will end up losing their arms to each other, that was pretty awesome, pretty cool image of their blood mixing together like that.

Of course it's been quite obvious for a while that they will both survive this fight but now it also seems like they will work together in the future, also in the last Naruto movie both of them still have two arms, so I am guessing they find some way to regrow them, either with the help of the Sage, the Bijuu or maybe some form of their own chakra. Either way for now Sasuke seems all right, I just hope Naruto doesn't get left behind *wink wink*.

Also it seems like Naruto is becoming more like his father everyday.


This was a good conclusion to the fight, of course loss of limbs is always a bit hard to stomach but it was well done here, Jiraya also lost an arm before dying but I don't think that's any foreshadowing here. In Hunter X Hunter the main character loses his arm at least twice and still manages to get it back.

I liked the dialogue here, I was surprised with Sasuke always feeling that Naruto was better than him, I think that's a bit new cause it always seemed the opposite, the ending was quite shocking but any manga reader will know that when an author isn't showing something that means that limb is gone or disfigured, overall a very solid 4 out of 5 chapter.

Do you think Raikage is gonna remind Sasuke who took his arm?

Naruto 698 Spoiler Trivia:Sasuke is the second character alongside Rock Lee to have their own spin-off manga, which is called Sasuke Uchiha: Sharingan Legend. It is also created by Masashi Kishimoto’s assistant Kenji Taira.

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Naruto 698 Naruto and Sasuke The Finale

scene starts out with sasukes chidori going to naruto

naruto: (thinking; i hope this is enough)

naruto uses his remaining chakra and covers his hand in chakra infused with wind

naruto reaches out and grabs sasukes chidori, taking damage to his arm

sasuke: hmp, so you used wind to weaken my chidori

naruto kicks sasuke away

naruto: sasuke, this whole time you've been trying to kill me. can't you see that
its not going to happen, i will not let you kill me!

sasukeannoyed face): why don't you just die for christ sake!! you are out of chakra
and you havnt killed me yet either so stop trying to be all high and mighty!!

Naruto: Hmp ( with a sad face, reaches in his back pocket): even with those special eyes
are you telling me you can't see it?

sasuke: what are you talking about idiot?

naruto: i haven't tried killing you yet!

sasuke: you talk as if you could at any moment

naruto removes hand from back pocket revealing three small purple balls

sasuke: what the hell are those!?

naruto: these, sakura made these for me, they are medicine pills, they restore chakra, the
only reason i never use them becausethey taste like crap, but i got no choice now

naruto eat the pills restoring a lil bit of chakra

sasuke: do you honestly think that with that lil of chakra you stand a chance? ill kill you once and for all!

Sasuke runs towards naruto with kunai in hand

naruto: no this won't be enough chakra but ill use it as a diversion
naruto makes a shadow clone, as the clone clashes with sasuke the real naruto sits on the ground

inside narutos mind.
Naruto: kuruma, if we both gather nature energy it will be a lot quicker, theres only one way sasuke will
listen to me now

kuruma: so you are actually going to fight serious against him? i suggest you use the rest of the bijuu chakra
it might not be much but you'll need it to mix sage chakra

back to the fight
Sasuke is fighting the clone but the clone is only on the defense

Sasuke( shit hes gathering sage chakra, i got to deal with this clone before he gathers too much)

sasuke uses chidori stream to cut the clone in half

naruto kuruma, keep gathering chakra, ill let you know when i need it)

naruto stands up and faces sasuke in base sage mood with kyubi eyes

naruto: sasuke, I'm sorry, but this will be the only way i can help you!

sasuke: what are you talking about? there is nothing you can do to change my mind

Naruto: like i said before, i haven't been attacking with a killing intent like you have
but its my only option, prepare yourself sasuke, i won't be holding back anymore

naruto finally goes full out


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Naruto 698 Spoiler : Naruto and Sasuke part 5(the ending)

Sasuke : Farewell Naruto!.......I .....will......

And the Chidori was coming at Naruto was looking Sasuke trying to attack him.....every moment he spent with Sasuke went through his mind.

Naruto instantly stood up! and took the Chidori with his barehand!

Sasuke : !!!!

Naruto's right hand was bleeding

Naruto : Sasuke....... why do you want to protect the world becoming the darkness......and stay forever..........

Sasuke : Naruto......i already
Naruto:.......Then protect the world a hokage in the......light......if you become a hokage like you darkness.......everyone in......fear......

Sasuke : ..............
Naruto : the end that world.......will be even worse......then the world Kaguya.......left us...

Sasuke let go of his Chidori

Sasuke : .............Naruto...........................what will you do......

Naruto : I thought about.............and i don't know much.....i may be strong......but i am not compatiable as a hokage yet.....

and Naruto walked away

Sasuke : ..........Naruto...

Hagoromo : So this is how it ends....
Kakashi & Sakura : ???

Naruto was walking.....slowly over the water..... than the Two Great Sage Toads appeared.

Fukasaku : You did great Naruto-cham
Shima Come Naruto now is the time to make you ready.

and they went to mount myoboku.

In the meant time Sakura and Kakashi caught up with Sasuke... Rikudu explained what happened to them already. So Sakura started to heal Sasuke.

Sasuke also let the bijuu go...and asked to bijuu to help him undo the infinite tsukiyomi......When the Tsukiyomi was undone Sasuke explained everything to everyone. Everyone wanted to know where Naruto was

Sasuke told that Naruto left and he told everyone that he would watch over the five villages and he has the power to do so and Naruto left him this.........

Raikage : I will not allow this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sasuke : You have no choice..................if it was not for Naruto you would be dead already..........

Hinata : ( Naruto.....i hope you will return.............someday)

Rikudo Sennin was also there and when he spoke about the history of the shinobi world......everyone accepted Sasuke as a leader for fear that history would repeat itself the way it had been going for generations.

In the mean time Naruto was sleeping in mount myobukuzan......

Naruto : It is time to finish my training as a Sage.......Konoha one day i will be back

end of Chapter 698

In the mean time...................somewhere in Obito's lab........................
Hamura Ōtsutsuki : Finally.....................Brother, Mother i have surpassed both of you by far............................................... ...........and soon i will be back at full power..............................


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Naruto 698 prediction : A bond that can never be severed

Sasuke goes for the kill is this Narutos end!?!

Sasuke: DIE!!!!!!!!

Sasuke has a flash back to the vally of the end 3 years ago.

Sasuke: ( This time, I will sever that bond!)

Naruto stands up garbing Sasukes hand

Naruto: Sasuke we never did form of the sign of reconciliation did we?

A pan out page of the statues is seen they start to collapse but not before a close up of the fingers is shown still doing the half tiger seal ready to fight, they fall apart.

Naruto: Do we really want to end up like Hashirama and Madara? They never did the reconciliation sign and even past death they still fought refusing to accept each other.

Sasuke: I'll be nothing like Madara he fought for himself alone only for his own gain, I'll do everything on my own and save the ninja world in my own way.

Naruto: You sound just like me at the beginning of this war Sasuke, I was going to solve it all by myself. But Itachi told me something "If you try to do everything on your own you'll end up just like Madara."

Sasuke: ENOUGH.

Sasuke tries to cut Narutos fingers off with a kunai but is unable to do so, he keeps hacking at the fingers blood continues to splatter everywhere tears begin to fall down Sasukes face.


Naruto: Because we have a bond that can't be severed Sasuke no matter how hard you try, even if you do kill me My next predecessor would come and stop you then yours would fight mine until he dies and the cycle of hate will never end as long as we continue to kill each other.

Sasuke: What about you Naruto how can you bring peace to the shinobi world when you don't even have an answer.


Flash back

Jirya: If I fail shall the leave the quest to you?

Naruto: Yes sir pervy sage you can count on me!

End of flash back

Sasuke: You have no answer, even if you where to keep the peace eventually the alliance will fight each other again.

Naruto: I promised Pervy sage That I would find the answer and sasuke you're the one who came up with the answer.

Sasuke: So do you accept your death?

Naruto: NO the answer is we don't break the alliance at all, we keep our bonds unsevered like how ours even after death will never be severed. If we're all one then maybe we won't fight each other but help each other, sasuke the answer isn't to become separate and fight one single person but to unify so there is no enemy in the first place.

The staues fall onto each other in the background. Sasuke Remembers Hashirama and Madaras last words.

Naruto: Before its too late Sasuke, before we repeat Madara and Hashiramas mistake lets end this here and create a new era, let this be the last time we fight in any life time.

A zoom in on Sasueks face is shown he is uncertain.

Sasuke: And just why should I trust what you say?

Naruto: You've already given yourself the reason you said it outloud for the first time, the words I always wanted you to say, its because we're friends, Friends trust each other Sasuke.

Sasuke looks up at the sky.

Sasuke: we've been fighting all day...

Naruto: Yeah.

Both fall to their knees unable to stand any longer still holding the sign Sasuke is surprised how tightly Naruto has held on (this is getting weird ...)

Sasuke: Bonds that can't be severed...

Sasukes chidori turns off Narutos hand is alittle burnt from the electricity and his index and middle fingers are bleeding but still intact.

The next page shows infinte tsukuomi ending and the people are released from the pods. Kakashi and sakura look up wondering who the winner was. They see Sasuke first and both prepare to attack him until they see Naruto is walking next to slung around each others shoulders. Sakura smiles.

Sakura: Naruto you really do keep your promises you brought Sasuke back.

Naruto gives his usual Smiles and a thumbs up to Kakashi and Sakura. chapter end!

Ending text: A bond that can never be severed! The ties of two ninja will be an example for the ninja world! But its not over quite yet come back next week for the exciting conclusion!


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Naruto 698 Spoiler : See You, My Friend...

Sasuke's Chidori is at peak strength as he holds it above Naruto. He thrusts downwards, aiming to pierce Naruto but suddenly halts. The tip of the lightning blade is just inches from Naruto's face. He cannot find it in him to kill Naruto; and so there he stands frozen. His eyes look down at his friend, who returns the look. Somewhere inside there is an admiration for him, a feeling that is mutual. A bond between them that cannot be severed.

Naruto: "Sasuke......Please...."

As the clouds above draw in Sasuke deactivates the Chidori, never taking his eyes off Naruto. There is something about Naruto's face. It's as if he understands Sasuke's pain. Rain begins to fall and the moonlight that had cast over them disappears from cloud cover.

Sasuke: "I'm sorry Naruto..."

Naruto: "Everything will-"

Before he can finish, Naruto is struck just above the neck by the Uchiha. He is knocked unconscious from the hit and floats on the water head down. Sasuke reaches down for him, raising him and throwing him over his shoulder, and moves him to dry land. Sasuke rests Naruto's body on the ground and grabs Naruto's hand, pressing his seal against Naruto's and activating the combined power. He looks up at the sky, the rain down-pouring, and his Rinnegan reflects off the moon, which glows through the clouds. Infinite Tsukiyomi is dispelled and the Zetsufication process ceases.

Sasuke: "......."

Sasuke looks down at Naruto and stands there. The bandage-like material on the branches unwrap, freeing the trapped shinobi. Everyone is freed from the Genjutsu. As Sasuke stands there he begins hearing a familiar voice.

Sakura: "Sasuke!!! Sasuke!!"

Sasuke: "Farewell.....Naruto..."

In the distance Sakura and Kakashi are seen approaching. Before they can reach him he darts off. But Sakura does not give up, she continues on her path while Kakashi stays by Naruto's side.

Kakashi: "Naruto..."

Sasuke runs through the trees, trying to distance himself from Sakura. His weakened body and overuse of chakra does not allow him to outrun her, nor use his shift ability to escape. Sakura is on his tail!

Sakura: "Sasuke!!! Please!!! Stop!! Please!!!"

Her tears blend in with the water from the rain as she desperately calls out to Sasuke. And although she cannot see, there are tears running from Sasuke's eyes as well.

Sasuke: 'Please, stop Sakura. Please.'

The tears rush from his face. His feelings are at its peak! If he could he let Sakura into his heart. He'd tell her how he felt about her. About team 7. About Naruto. What he could have been if the world was perfect. If there was a never ending peace. But it cannot be so. Not in this world. All he could do now is run. It's all he was ever used to; being alone. Sasuke would summon forth shuriken with explosive seals and throw them at the trees. The detonation would send the collapsing to become an obstacle for Sakura.

Sakura: "SASUKE!!!!!!"

She'd stop and fall to her knees, beginning to cry hysterically for the only one she truly loved. A genuine feeling she had for no one other than him. Sasuke would run off into the distance, never to be seen again.

The next panels would be Naruto awakening, Kakashi at his side. Sakura not too far from them both, but staring off into the distance. After looking at her, he'd turn to Kakashi.

Naruto: "I couldn't.......I couldn't bring Sasuke back."

Kakashi: "Naruto, you did what you could. The Infinite Tsukiyomi is over....You didn't fail anything."

Naruto: "It is??" 'Sasuke, did you....'

Kakashi: "Yes! Everyone is free. We should get back to check on them."

Naruto: "Yeah...."

Even having stopped IT, Naruto's sadness remains. Not for himself, but for Sakura. Kakashi picks up on this and decides to walk over to Sakura, leaving Naruto, who stares off into the distance.

Naruto: "Sasuke.....If you do decide to carry on your plan.....If you do decide to be the darkness of this world....Just know, that I'll be the path of light that will find you. I'll bring you to your rightful place.....I'll make sure that you never suffer again!"

Naruto begins tearing up.

Naruto: "You'll be brought back! We'll be team 7 again! I swear it........Till then........I'll see you, my friend....."

The chapter ends with Naruto staring off into the horizon as the Sun rises. But the moon is also still in view


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Naruto 698 Prediction: Naruto vs Sasuke 5

Sasuke stands over the beaten and broken body of Naruto, a Chidori prepared to end his foe's life! What will happen next in this battle for superiority?!

Sasuke: Finally... this is the end, Naruto.

Naruto: So, thats it, huh? You just kill me here and go take over the world? [Breathing Hard]

Sasuke: [Serious look] [Sinister Smile] . . . Pretty much

Naruto: [Staring at Sasuke intensely] [Flashback to all the times of them together] [Flashback ends, giant panel of Naruto crying]

Sasuke: I'd like to say I'm sorry. But this is for the bettering of the world. Goodbye, my friend!!! [Lunges Forward]

Naruto: So . . . you really mean . . . to kill me . . . huh, Sasuke?

The next panel is a double-pager; Sasuke's chidori has gone straight through Naruto's heart. Naruto's eyes looks into Sasuke's and suddenly the world evaporates around them, the two standing in a totally dark dimension. "Goodbye... friend." Sasuke says calmly. Naruto reaches out his head but Sasuke slides further and further away into total darkness.

Sasuke: [Chidori runs out] [Drops Naruto's lifeless body to the water] [Falls on his knees] I... I did it! I actually... managed to kill Naruto! hahahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHA! [Grabs his head] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

???: You disappoint me... Sasuke

Sasuke: ??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Spins around]

Naruto lays in the water, looking at Sasuke with anguish. Sasuke screams, "You're suppose to be dead!" Poof! The Naruto with the hole over his heart disappears. Sasuke hears a faintest sound and turns around.

Naruto: SAAAAASSSSSUUUUUUKKKKEEEEEE!!!!!!!! [Punches him with all his strength]

Sasuke flies after the punch, skimming along the water until all his momentum is lost. Naruto breathes heavily, both hands on his knees, glaring angrily at Sasuke's body.

Naruto: Sasuke! You bastard! You tried to kill me!

Sasuke: [Gazing up at the sky] [Slowly turns to him and begins to get up out of the water] Then... you must know; I already saw through the Kage Bushin. I knew I didn't kill you. I... allowed myself to be hit.

Naruto: Then... why didn't you counter-attack if you knew?!

Sasuke: Because.... I can't... kill you!

Naruto: ?!! W-what?!!!

Sasuke: [Smiles] Don't get that stupid look on your face. I meant, I can't kill you as you are now. After all of this, these powers we received from them, it makes us sort of superficial... don't you agree?

Naruto: [Serious look]

Sasuke: You talk so much about breaking the cycle of Indra and Ashura, yet, we use their powers. They used these exact same techniques centuries again. I don't want to be apart of that. I want us to be our own people. Not like Hashirama and Madara, not like Indra and Ashura, but... like Naruto and Sasuke.

Naruto: I... think I understand.

Kurama: Naruto! I've gathered enough chakra! Are you ready?!

Naruto: No. I'll be doing this without you, Kurama!

Sasuke: Hmph. I don't need the Bijuu! I don't need the Rinnegan! Neither do I need Itachi, or anything else from the others I received! All I need, is this Sharingan! Let's go, Uzumaki Naruto!

Naruto: Hmph. Yeah, let's start this over, Sasuke! [Pulls out a Kunai]

Sasuke: [Uses those seals on his wrist to summon his sword]

The two spring towards each other, respective weapon in hand. Sasuke swings his sword, but Naruto parries with his Kunai. They exchange complex rhythms of fighting, dancing across the water. They push up against each other and are eye to eye.

"Genjutsu won't work on me, Sasuke!" Naruto yells angrily. Sasuke grunts and spits in Naruto's face who scrambles back, scratching at his eyes.

Sasuke rushes forward but Naruto anticipates his progression and hurls the kunai at him who ducks, spinning all the while. He uses his leg and sweeps Naruto off his feet. Then, he twirls in the air above Naruto and brings his sword down putting Chidori over it. That Naruto below him stops using his chakra and sinks into the water where Sasuke's sword hits the water, the electricity shocking him due to the chemical reaction.

Behind him, the kunai thrown by Naruto transforms into Naruto and that Naruto throws another kunai at the small of Sasuke's back. Sasuke, who is stunned cannot dodge, so the kunai penetrates his clan sigil on his back. Sasuke falls and Naruto backflips onto the water. "Hah!" Naruto yells as he makes a handsign. The Kunai was a paper bomb that explodes sending Sasuke flying into the stone statues.

Naruto huffs and looks up surprisingly. Multiple fire-balls fly out of the mist at Naruto who clenches his teeth and charges at them. He dodges one by side-stepping, digging a kunai through it, cutting it in half. The next one, he flips over. The one after that, he cancels out by throwing his kunai through it and then following through to where he's met with Sasuke whose shirt is gone. Naruto's clothes are also badly scorched.

Sasuke punches Naruto as he's taken by surprise. Naruto tries to regain his balance but is kicked multiple times by Sasuke.

Naruto: [Struggling to stand] No fair, you cheated.

Sasuke: [Silent] Enough games! Let's end this! CHIDORI!!!!

Naruto: Hmph. Rasengan!

The final attack


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