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“Madara Uchiha Rises”

Naruto and the Allied Shinobi Forces successfully extract the Tailed Beasts from Obito. Only Madara remains, and Naruto heads out to tackle this foe.

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Masashi Kishimoto Talks Sasuke, Friendship, The Last: Naruto the Movie

It’s been a few weeks since Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto manga series ended, but the words of this legend keep flowing to the world through interviews and other media. Speaking with Entermix magazine after concluding the series, Kishimoto-sensei talks Sasuke, friendship, and The Last: Naruto the Movie. After the magazine congratulates him for 15 years of hard work, they ask about his feelings now. Kishimoto-sensei shares that with the tight weekly deadlines he had to follow, the past 15 years have been long, but now after the end, it feels like it all just passed by in a blink of an eye.
Since the beginning of Naruto, the plan was to always finish the manga with Naruto vs Sasuke. The interview starts with focuses on friendship, which has been an important theme in the Naruto series, and to Kishimoto-sensei it is something very close to the love of a brother or another family member. He says losing a friend is like losing one’s identity, which is one of the most feared things for a teenager. Those feelings culminated throughout the Naruto series and in order to convey those feelings, Kishimoto-sensei decided it would be communicated best through the final battle.
From start to finish, the relationship of Naruto and Sasuke mirrors that of twin brothers. The reason is Kishimoto-sensei has a twin brother, Seishi Kishimoto. From Saiyan Island’s understanding of the interview, whenever Seishi would do something and not succeed, it would feel as painful as if Kishimoto-sensei himself had not succeeded. He felt as if there was a physical bond of sorts with his brother. In high school and college, Kishimoto-sensei had the same feelings when things for his friends did not go smoothly, which is why he feels love for a brother and friends are the same. Kishimoto-sensei continues on to say Naruto and Sasuke’s friendship was modeled after him and his brother.
The interview shifts to questions more directly related to the manga. At the end of 699, Sasuke leaves the village to go traveling. Entermix asks what was the intention of this and Kishimoto-sensei responds that after all of the things Sasuke has done, it would be tough to live in the village like everybody else so he went on a journey of atonement. Further, in Kishimoto-sensei’s mind, Sasuke has gone out into the world to find the answers to all of the unanswered questions. For example, who and what was Kaguya exactly? Sasuke wants to find out how her plan for revival was executed the first time around so it could be avoided in the future. In order to unnecessarily avoid lengthening the manga, however, Kishimoto-sensei decided to skip writing about it and he has no plans to continue that storyline.
While the manga was geared toward friendship, the theme in The Last: Naruto the Movie will be about love. Kishimoto-sensei explains the idea was originally from the anime producers. He himself was unable to write about love in the manga, it was something he avoided due to feelings of embarrassment, so he felt this could go well as a movie theme to further show Naruto’s growth. The script for the movie was not written exclusively by Kishimoto-sensei, rather he was given a script so that he could recommend changes to properly flesh out the story and set the mood.
Kishimoto-sensei mentions the timeskip between Naruto chapters 699 and 700 was inspired by Dragon Ball. Ultimately, it allowed The Last: Naruto the Movie to smoothly connect with the manga.
The scans for the interview also reiterate Kishimoto-sensei working on a Naruto part 3 and what we already know about the movie, such as Naruto being 19-years old, Toneri Otsutsuki being the final villain.
On a separate occasion, unrelated to the interview above, Kishimoto-sensei very briefly shares comments in regards to The Last: Naruto the Movie.

The Last: Naruto the Movie will be making its debut in Japanese theaters on December 6, 2014. The movie’s plot is as follows: The moon has begun moving closer to the Earth! At this rate, the moon will collapse and meteorites will crash onto the Earth’s surface. As Earth’s final days approach, Hanabi Hyuga is abducted from the Hidden Leaf Village by a mysterious man named Toneri Otsutsuki. It’s up to Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru, and Hinata to bring her back on a rescue mission! Can Naruto and the others overcome this crisis?

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Kishimoto-sensei Speaks After Naruto’s Finale

The story of Naruto Uzumaki has been told to it’s completion by the great Masashi Kishimoto-sensei. With the manga officially over now, the legend behind the series speaks, sharing his feelings in the aftermath of the finale. He also offers his point of view on the ending. Take a look below at an interview along with pictures of Kishimoto-sensei and his work.
Additionally, there will be a musical adaptation of Naruto and an exhibition featuring the manga work in Japan next year. To that, Kishimoto-sensei says “I am looking forward to all of those adaptations. The planned exhibition will be a huge one. ‘Naruto’ fans will be able to be immersed in its worldview, while those who do not know much about ‘Naruto’ will look forward to reading the manga.”
For those wondering, Naruto Part 1, both in anime/manga is simply referred to as Naruto from an official standpoint. Part 2 of the manga is also referred to as Naruto, however, fans have dubbed it the timeskip. The anime series for Naruto part 2 is called Naruto Shippuden. With the end of Naruto part 2, the true end for the Naruto series has not yet been reached. Kishimoto-sensei will be working on Naruto Part 3 mini-series, with focus on the next generation! It will be released Spring 2015 in Japan. The final title for part 3 is yet to be determined, but as soon as it’s announced, we hope to let you know right here on Saiyan Island!
Masashi Kishimoto
Question: What are you feeling now?
 Because I just completed the last episode less than 12 hours ago, I do not have any real feeling (that “Naruto” has ended). I have had to meet a deadline every week for 15 years, so I feel that there’s a deadline for next week. I thought of many things to do after (“Naruto”) ends, but I do not know where to begin. I want to do something other than manga. Don’t worry, I will continue creating manga.
Q: When did you decide how to end “Naruto”?
 Since the work was first serialized, I have been determined to end the manga series with the battle between protagonist Naruto and Sasuke, who has been his rival since the start of the story. I later decided on the details, little by little, such as whether they would fight each other as friends or enemies, their feelings and dialogues, while I was drawing the series. Around two years ago, I began to feel the story was approaching the finale.
When the series started, the editor responsible for my work told me, “Continue the series for at least five years.” The tough work of continuing to draw “Naruto” for the weekly magazine occasionally made me think that I would like to finish the series. I did not think “Naruto” would last for 15 years.
The story lasted for such a long period because the characters “stuck it out.” When I attempted to quickly offer an answer (to issues raised in the story), the characters did not allow me to do so. If I had made them act as I wished, the reality would have been lost.
Because manga artists are always working inside rooms, it is difficult for us to see firsthand if our works are really popular. It was not until I received many fan letters from overseas that I realized (“Naruto” is) popular outside Japan. Some of those letters are written in languages I do not know, so I understand that my work is read by people in various countries.
One fan mail contained a photograph of a small child dressed as Naruto striking a pose. Such attachments make me happy.
Q: Were you conscious of “One Piece”?
 It is impossible to be unconscious. (Both “Naruto” and “One Piece”) are serialized in the same magazine, and “One Piece” has always been running ahead of the pack. I have been able to work so hard writing “Naruto” thanks to “One Piece.”
Q: You will turn 40 years old on Nov. 8. How do you feel about that?
 I remain a child in terms of mentality. Nothing has changed from age 25, when the series started. I just worked at the desk to create high-quality, interesting manga, and 15 years passed before I knew it.
Q: What would you want to tell your old self?
 I hope to tell my 23- or 24-year-old self, who painted Naruto and other characters on copy paper just as I wanted on the veranda of my family’s home: “Cherish him. You will write a serial manga for 15 years using the character.”
Q: On The Last: Naruto the Movie…
 The latest film is a love story. It will depict what happened between the 699th and 700th manga episodes. I designed the characters and helped make the story. Although I wanted to write about the romances of Naruto and his friends in the manga series, it was too difficult. I am not good at writing romances because I feel embarrassed when trying to do so.

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Naruto’s Masashi Kishimoto “Feels Like Being Released” After Conclusion

The Last: Naruto the Movie premiered in Tokyo, Japan just this past Monday, November 24th for a special audience. On hand (from left to right in the image below) were Tsuneo Kobayashi (movie director), Satoshi Hino (voice of Sai), Chie Nakamura (voice of Sakura), Shintaro Tokita and Takuya Ohashi (from Japanese band Sukima Switch), someone in a Naruto mascot costume, Junko Takeuchi (voice of Naruto), Kazuhiko Inoue (voice of Kakashi), Jun Fukuyama (voice of Toneri Otsutsuki), and Naruto series creator Masashi Kishimoto!
This marked Kishimoto-sensei’s first public appearance after concluding his 15-year long manga and to that he jokingly mentioned “it feels like being released, because I have no more deadlines. So I was able to come here with plenty of time.” He continued on with an appreciation to the fans of Naruto, “Thank you very much for keeping on looking at how Naruto has grown for such a long time of 15 years.”
Takeuchi-san also spoke and revealed Kishimoto-sensei revealed to her that the final development in the growth of Naruto would be love. Kishimoto-sensei explained, “Naruto has not yet been able to fully understand about love relationships, so I thought there were so many things I could do in a feature film. After watching the film, now I have a mixed feeling for him, relieved and sad, it’s like Naruto is becoming independent from me. I have been watching him from his father’s point of view.”
The premiere event ended with a performance by Sukima Switch, the duo behind The Last Naruto the Movie’s theme song – Hoshi no Utsuwa (Star Vessel)
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Masashi Kishimoto's Childhood Reflected in Naruto

With the story of Naruto Uzumaki finished after 15 years of excellence, fans want to hear more from the legend behind the Naruto series, Masashi Kishimoto. In an interview with Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun, Kishimoto-sensei mentions Naruto “is similar to me in some respects”. First and foremost is his love for ramen, however, that’s not where the similarities end. The mangaka mentions the character of Naruto, who fell behind his peers, reflected his own childhood. Others would laugh at his dreams to become a manga artist and his career in the manga world was unexpected.
“I was unable to do well in school and felt a strong sense of inferiority,” he said. “When Naruto said, ‘I will be Hokage,’ people surrounding him laughed at his dream. Since childhood, I also told others that I would be a manga artist but had no foundation.”
“Unlike Naruto, I did not have the courage to declare that I will become a manga creator at any cost. So I would just say in my mind, ‘It may be possible.’”
“It is unbelievable that I am working as one of the manga creators who have to write stories and depict many characters, because I was poor at the Japanese subject in school,” he said. “I could not answer questions requiring students to guess the feelings of characters in stories in school exams.”
From strategic maneuvers, genjutsu deception, and skilled hand-to-hand combat to brute force and powerful chakra-filled techniques like the Rasengan, Naruto fans are quite familiar with all of the ninja action in the series. Kishimoto-sensei mentions the thing that differentiates Naruto from other comics in the same genre is through understanding his adversaries and verbal persuasion.
“Boys’ comics inevitably feature violent scenes. But I wanted to tell (readers) that enemies who resort to violence probably do so because of unavoidable reasons,” Kishimoto-sensei said. “And if (the protagonists) defeat them without understanding their motivation, it could end up leading to a repeat of the same thing.” Ending a battle through dialogue may have been almost taboo in comics for boys, he said.
“In most boys’ manga, the protagonists typically achieve dynamic growth in the first episodes and continue to behave the way they believe to be good and affect other characters,” Kishimoto-sensei said. “But Naruto faces the challenge of how he can create a world where there are no conflicts, as he battles Pain. I could have made him go his way without agony, but I thought it would be wrong in some aspects.”
Success didn’t come easy for Kishimoto-sensei. Before achieving greatness with Naruto, he had to overcome many challenges. He spent years studying how to write scenarios and dialogue in films to learn about story structure and directorial techniques. He also studied oil painting at an art college. Only after all of that hard work was Kishimoto-sensei able to begin on Naruto and achieve the greatness we have come to know him for today.
“Life is colorful,” Kishimoto-sensei said. “It is the reality of a manga protagonist to face obstacles.”
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The Last -Naruto the Movie- Teased with 'Teary Naruto Love' Video

The official website for The Last -Naruto the Movie- is streaming a "Naruto Love Special Video that brought tears to Naruto fans" for one week, starting on Saturday. The same video debuted at the movie's advance screening on November 24. It features the "Naruto Love" comments written by fans all over the world to commemorate the original Naruto manga's ending, interleaved with footage of Naruto growing up "that can't be watched without tears." The "Hoshi no Utsuwa" (Star Vessel) theme song by Sukima Switch plays in the background.
Naruto manga ends
Lots of love poured onto the movie's home page.
Our love for Naruto will not end.
Naruto's frank words helped me countless times — Sacchan
It taught me what is precious in life. — Mao
I received "The guts to never give up!" — Tosshii
I grew up alongside Naruto. — Various
I was touched at the feelings of treasuring comrades. — Pirokichi
I learned about the feelings of parents to their child. — Mako
Thank you for teaching me about warmth. — Satokarupaccho
I always had my heart touched by Naruto's straight-forward feelings. — Shigeryo
I want to see them grow with my own eyes. — Fuyuna
I also, "will be straight-forward, and won't go back on my word!" (a reference to Hinata's line) — tomo
The entire world is resonating with their straight-forward ninja way. — Thank you so much
I was touched by each character's philosophy of life. — yune Because I knew the characters had such hard pasts, and fought even though they were hurt, I was able to do my best as well. — Hare
I get the feeling that we're taking on the feelings of those who have died. I want to become that kind of person with such a strong will. — takotako
It taught me "strength." — MINAMI
Naruto is my hero. — R.S
I learned words from Naruto. I learned strength. I learned morals. I learned everything. — Ryugami no Hone
Naruto is life's textbook. — Piisuke
It's a precious part of my life. — Yune
Everything is for the sake of a new era...
I think that The Last isn't the end, but the beginning of a new path. — The guts to never give up
Weekly Shonen Jump and Jump J Books describe the story of the movie and its novelization:
The moon has begun moving closer to Earth! As it is, the moon will crumble and meteorites will rain down on Earth's surface. As The Last days of Earth approach, Hanabi HyĆ«ga is abducted by a mysterious man in Konoha, and Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru, and Hinata set off on a rescue mission! Can Naruto and the others overcome this crisis?
The Last -Naruto the Movie- will open in Japanese theaters on December 6, and it will be the first Narutofilm in two years. The film is also part of the larger "Naruto Shin Jidai Kaimaku Project" (Naruto's New Era Opening Project) marking the 15th anniversary of the original manga.
Manga creator Masashi Kishimoto is credited with the original story, character designs, and chief story supervisor of the film. In particular, he is drawing new designs for the title character in the movie, as well as for other characters. Tsuneo Kobayashi (The Twelve KingdomsEmma: A Victorian RomanceKurokami The Animation) is directing the film, and Sukima Switch is contributing the main theme song as well as voice-acting ninja.
The first 1.5 million filmgoers who see The Last -Naruto the Movie- in theaters will receive a bonus Official Movie Book Naruto Hiden Retsu no Sho. The book is a spinoff of theNaruto: The Official Character Data Book series. The limited-edition official fan book in theaters will include a manga drawn exclusively for the movie by original Naruto manga creator Masashi KishimotoWeekly Shonen Jump teases that the back of the book will feature a mysterious illustration. The first 1.5 million filmgoers will also receive one of three original stickers of Naruto, Kakashi, or Sasuke.
The Naruto manga by Masashi Kishimoto ended in Shonen Jump on November 10 after 15 years of serialization. A new mini-series by Kishimoto with "a newly budding Konoha story" will launch next spring.
Thanks to Dennis R and Saiyan Island for the news tips
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