NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 688 - Burning Rage Explosion

Almighty Kaguya in trouble !

[Moving panel of Kaguya with her face turned down as Naruto slices her arm with Black Zetsu.]
Naruto(angry face): that is...
[Kaguya turns her face to left shoulder with missing arm ]
Kaguya(shocked): ?! *My hand..., my Child !*
[Kaguya's left hand with Black Zetsu's face visible is shown shocked and in pain]
Black Zetsu(shocked): ARGH ! *No, how could it happen ?* MOTHER !
Naruto(with anger reaching boling point): your end, Black Zetsu ! ?!
[Naruto spots Kaguya moving towards her sliced arm with black Zetsu in]
Naruto(shocked): I don't let you ! (kick Kaguya with spining kick in stomach send her flying backwards)
Kaguya: ?! *He again !* (Sent flying backwards from spining kick force)
[Naruto moves fast following flying backwards Kaguya]
Black Zetsu(worried): Mother watch out ! *Shit I have to get away fast* (emerges slowly) ?!
[Giant slash through hand glows as Sasuke cloaked inside God Sussano stop right step behind him]
Sasuke: You should worry more about yourself, bastard. (Sussano with blade swinged shown.)
Black Zetsu(in agony): ARGH !! Sasuke Uchiha *Shit I forgot about him*
Sasuke(cold): this is for using Uchiha ! Amaterasu ! (eyeing BZ with right EMS eye)
Black Zetsu: ARGH !!! NO MOTHER !!! *Forgive me mother, I failed !* (egulfed by black flames)
Kaguya: my Child ?! (dodges Naruto upper cut blow attempt on her)
[Naruto keep charging at her as she dodges and block some of them with problem]
Naruto: You can not keep dodging, in the end I will hit you ! (punches Kaguya in chest)
[Kaguya stops from impact then lock eyes at Naruto filled with anger. Ash bones emerge from her hands]
[Naruto so much angry charges at her at full speed almost reaching her instantly about to land hit]
Kaguya(angry): *do it boy, I will kill you in instant*
Sasuke(shouting): Bansho Tenin ! (extends his hand towards Naruto)
Naruto: ?! *I am being pulled ! The bones rapidly grow !* (watches bones grow as get pulled)
[Naruto get pulled towards Sasuke as bones streetch towards him, then stop at half distance from them.]
Sasuke: uff,Lucky I got in time. Don't charge at her like that fool
Naruto(angry): shut your mouth Sasuke. How could you not even try to save Obito !
Sasuke(ignoring Obito's matter): Focus better on fight, if not Obito's death will be in vain...
Kaguya(angry): *That boy, he became faster, so it is his true speed.*
Kaguya(look at her side): *I am low on chakra..., It will takes time to regenerate my arm*
Naruto(angry): I will let this stuff go away for now but we will return to it.
Sasuke(focused): Whatever, she is weak now, we should finish her. Use diversion Naruto !
Naruto(calming down): I will get her attention !, find oppening and use it, Sasuke.
[Naruto bursts at full speed towards Kaguya as he shoot off few goudama at her]
Kaguya: ?! * fast !* (flying upwards in last moment barerly avoiding)
[Close up on Sasuke's left eye as it glows]
Kaguya: ?! *Forgot that boy !*
[Sasuke inside God Sussano appears above Kaguya as he swinges blade at her send her smashing in ground]
[Kaguya hit hard the ground as shockwave erupts causing powerfull blast bursting.]
Naruto(calmer): Nice shot Sasuke
Naruto: However I am not finished with her yet ! *Son, Saiken, Chomei lend me your chakra please*
Son Goku(serious): You can count on me, but don't let you anger control you.
Saiken(serious): Get her Naruto
Chomei: give your best !
[Naruto raises his hand above as goudama places on palm as lava, acid and wind spirals around it]
Naruto(very angry): Take this, Kaguya !Multi layered spiraling Rasengan !
[Close up on Sasuke's left eye as it glows once again. There is one tomoe more then before]
Naruto(senses): ?! *What the * (notices disappearance of Rasengan)
[Multi layered spiraling Rasengan appears smashing the ground where Kaguya was followed by explosion ]
[Gigantic explosion occurs as blast spread around destroying a lot then blinding light fade away]
Naruto(happy a bit): We got her, Sasuke ?! *I lost track of her chakra*
Sasuke(focused): Yeah... *I am not so sure * (notices rifts opening up behind Naruto)
Naruto(shocked): fast ! (flies a little as Kaguya emerges from portal comming at him)
[Kaguya about to attack Naruto with her hand regrown as she get blasted by push suddenly. Her body is shown smoking as acid and lava leave marks on her]
Sasuke(winded): Shinra Tensei ! *Damn her*
[Kaguya stop her backwards movement forced by push force.]
Kaguya(nervous): You killed my Child... Now I will kill you ! *If I didn't absorb some of attack, I would be fataly wounded*
Naruto(out of breath): We are The one who will finish you, Kaguya !
Sasuke(cold): Your end is comming, Kaguya
[Scene shifts to Hagoromo talking with The Hokage]
Hagoromo: Get ready, everyone ! (extends both hand in Hokage direction)
[Close up view on each Hokage charging chakra]
[Hashirama and Minato enter each other respective Sage mode]
Hagoromo: ?!(notices marking on Hashirama/Minato's faces) so you can use nature energy
Hiruzen: Great Sage, What do you know about nature energy ? What did you mean ?
Hagoromo: Don't loose focus. I will explain meanwhile.
Hagoromo: Both, me and my brother Hamura mastered use of nature energy to degree that we could mold out own chakra with added nature energy to it creating new chakra.
Minato: Wow, Impressive but afterall you are The Sage of six paths. (focused in SM)
Hiruzen(schocked): I didn't know Minato-kun that you have learnt Senjutsu
Minato: Well I only barerly learned it,but I never actually used it in my life
Hashirama: It seems we were unaware of many things(focused in SM)
Hagoromo: Don't blame yourself. Lately I myself have found out about creature existence which changed my writtings on stone I wanted Indra to read and follow.
Tobirama: Who do you mean ?!
[Naruto and Sasuke again dodge all of approaching bone which explode after missing]
Kaguya: *They caught my bait* You won't last long !
[black rifts open under Naruto and Sasuke as they land]
[Kaguya kneel down as she put one hand on ground while other still hold inside portal]
Naruto/Sasuke: it is uselsess. Can't you think up something better ?
Hagoromo(frown): Black Zetsu called one. It was him who helped Madara to use him as all Indra's descendants in the end. (sad) I would act faster if I knew...
Hashirama: Don't blame yourself, Lord Hagoromo. If you didn't know so it is ok. Besides Madara wasn't such bad it was fun while it lasted (cheering)
[Hashirama laughs as Minato smiles admiting Hashirama is right. Hiruzen and Tobirama stay quiet]
Hagoromo(smiles): You are ineed Ashura's former reincarnate. Hashirama. Anyway It seems animals I taught use of nature energy took my words to heart. How is Royal Slug Karyuu, White Snake Sage Ommaru and of course Great Toad Sage Gammaru ?!
Minato: Sorry I have never opportunity to thank Great Toad Sage Gammaru, right ?!
Hashirama: I was long time dead, but last time I saw Karyuu she was in good shape.
Hagoromo: I see. Enough of talk, Now I will absorb all of your chakra, get ready !
Hagoromo: Now, give me all you got. (closes his eyes)
[Hagoromo spirit floating in air extends both hands towards Hokage as they glow bright light]
Hashirama(shocked): What the ?! (crinkle eye)
Minato(shocked): How can this be (crinkle eye)
Tobirama(shocked): Such amount of Chakra (crinkles eyes)
Hiruzen: leave us at such rate !(crinkle eyes)
[Vacuum wave draw chakra from area containing all Hokage moving to Hagoromo as Hokage turn their heads ]
[Focused Hagoromo closes eyes while he absorbs through his hands vacuum wave carrying absorbed chakra ]
[Scene shifts to Naruto and Sasuke approaching enraged Kaguya ]
[Kaguya opens small black rift as she thrust her hand in it as she flies at them]
Kaguya: I will finish both you at the same ?! (freezes as black rift closes)
Naruto/Sasuke: ?! (punches her in guts. Reach her with marked hands from both sides)
Kaguya: Gah !... *How, I won't let you *
[Naruto's and Sasuke's marked hands reach her shoulders as she grab their arms with her own]
Naruto/Sasuke: ?!
Kaguya: *My insides it pains, that him ! He attack me from inside but his chakra is mine*
[Kaguya flies backwards pushing Naruto and Sasuke as she vomits/spit saliva which turns into Madara's normal body (after Rinne Tensei he got) ]
Naruto/Sasuke: Madara ?!
[Naruto moves towards Madara's body as Sasuke notices Kaguya entering black portal]
Sasuke: You won't get away ! Blaze release: Piercing deadly spear !
Kaguya(out of breath): I will come back and make you pay ! (fades in rift as black spear end enter rifts as rest get cut and dissolves) *For now I need to recover*

Side text: Naruto and Sasuke corner Kaguya forcing her to escape. Hagoromo begin to act, What is Hokage's role. Also what is the meaning of Madara's body spit by Kaguya

Naruto 689 - We need you!
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Naruto manga 688 prediction : The seal

( Naruto rip off Kaguya's left hand. )
(Sasuke swing his sword so strongly that kaguya got hit and throw ed in to a wall of cliff )
KAGUYA : These are nothing..
( Kaguya's arm slowly regenerate and other wounds from susano start healing )
SAKURA : What a healing power ?
NARUTO : My body ?
( Black zetsu slowly spreading over Naruto )

NARUTO : When did you ?
BLACK ZETSU : When you ripped mother's arm From that arm I slowly extended my body towards you.

Mother I have got one.

KAGUYA : Well done my child.
( Kaguya makes ash bones from her arm and shoot towards Naruto. )
(Suddenly black zetsu got hit. )
KAGUYA : How did he ?
BLACK ZETSU : Damn ...
NARUTO : Sasuke thanks
SASUKE : This is what happens when you let your anger control you.
I can't waste my chakra on you any more...
So stay focused.

NARUTO : Damn you are always like this.

KAGUYA: [ That boy seems have the ability to swap the positions of the boject in an instant. ]

BLACKZETSU : Mother help me.

(kaguya fly towards crumbling black zetsu and make the crumbling fast.. )

KAGUYA: sorry my child there is no escape from those wounds.

NARUTO : What a shitty Mother...

KAGUYA : Don't compare me with humans.

NARUTO : As a mother you should protect you son\daughter.

( Naruto remember his Mother kushina and Sasuke remember his mother Mikoto. )

NARUTO : But you are a shame to all mothers.

( Suddenly Naruto's chakra burst in to extreme. )

SASUKE : Naruto what are you doing ?

NARUTO : I don't know .Some thing happening to my chakra.
(Sasuke close his sharingan eye and look through rinnegan eye )
( He see large amount of chakra entering in to every ones body but nothing comes out
except from Kaguya's body . The cells of every one dies and grow rapidly. )

SAKURA : Where was my wound ?

( Sakura examine her hand. )

KAKASHI : Something fishy about this dimension.

SASUKE : This dimension has intense amount of chakra flow than other dimension we have seen
With these chakra entering in to our body cells are rapidly die and new cells grow in an instant.
If we stay in this dimension for too long ..That will be the end for us.

NARUTO : May be Sakura chan and kakashi sensei are not aware of this.

KGUYA : [ Seems like they already know the secret about this dimension.
They will attack at any time. ]

SASUKE : We need to finish this soon.

NARUTO : This time we will go with your plan.

( Suddenly Kaguya rush towards at them with extended Ash bones in the arm. )

KAGUYA : You may be already know that but it's too late.

Naruto and Sasuke quickly move away from there.

( Naruto send a gudou dama at her. )

( A dimension portal appear around her. )

SASUKE : Not that again.

( The gudou dama didn't explode )

( Suddenly the dimension portal is swapped by Sasuke )

NARUTO : Sasuke this is the time !
( Naruto show the 'sun" sign on the hand towards her. )


( Sasuke also show the 'crescent-moon ' sign towards her. )

A white light surround kaguya.

SASUKE and NARUTO : Seal !!


Does Sasuke and Naruto finally accomplished sealing her ?? !

Stay tuned for next chapter to know what happened to Kaguya

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Naruto 688 prediction

Naruto cut off kaguyas arm!

Sasuke: [smiles] (nice one naruto!) We need to get rid of BZ now naruto!

Naruto: yeah! Ill keep her busy, hurry!

[Sasuke in his susanno takes out an enton arrow and shoots it at kaguyas severed arm]

Sasuke: Ill seal your fate just like you did the uchihas!

BZ: N-No way! Mother! [BZ gets peirced by the enton arrow and begins burning to nothing]

[Naruto is shown on the ground with kaguya both beginning to pant from the gravity effects of the dimension]

Kaguya: you did well my child, thanks to you i was able to get this far, however with those wounds theres nothing i can do for you now

[Naruto turns to sasuke]

Naruto: finally sasuke now we just have to-

Sasuke: Naruto! Look out [close up on sasukes rinne eye as he teleports to naruto as a burning bone is shown flying straight at them] (shit!)

[Sasuke tries to push naruto out of the way but realizes hes not going to make it]

All: !!

[Naruto and sasuke look up to see tobirama and minato]

Minato: that sure was a close one.

Sakura: !! The hokages? What are you guys doing here?

Kakashi: they must not have been caught in the genjutsu, though that doesnt explain how they were able to make it here.

[Hiruzen and hashirama walk up and join the others]

Hashirama: its so hard to move here, whats with this place?

Hiruzen: theres no time to talk, wheres he at?

Sasuke: madaras dead,, the enemy is in front of us.

[Kaguya gets a worried look on her face]

Kaguya: !! (This presence, it cant be! I dont have enough chakra to deal with him too, i should retreat for now)
[Kaguya opens a portal and dissepears in it]

Sasuke: stay on your guards now! Theres no telling where she will come from!


??? : she needs to mold more chakra, shell be gone for a minute at least

Hashirama: ah so there you are.

Naruto: HUH? Who the hell are you?!?

Sasuke: (so he must be...)

Hamura: i am hamura, my brother used the last of his chakra combined with these living corpses here to revive me temporarly.

[Flashback to kaguya and BZ talking about hamura in lava dimension]

Naruto: !! Huh so youre hamura?

Hamura: we dont have time, my mother can be back at anytime, also with the limited amount of chakra and lack of a sufficent sacrafice, i cannot stay long, im here to help you defeat my mother.

[A portal opens with ash bones flying out

Sasuke: susanno* [sasuke uses his wings to block the bones but they begin disinergrating his susanoo as he deactivates it]

Hamura: i never wished to see you again... mother


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Naruto 688 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

Naruto 688 spoilers!!! NARUTO 688 Predictions&Discussions!!!

Naruto 687 has been released now!!! Enjoy the new chapter! 

Kakashi asks the crumbling Obito why he would sacrifice himself when he was still necessary in battle, but the silent Uchiha muses that Kakashi was the one needed to support the next generation, before telling his comrade to focus on the enemy. Kaguya decides to return to her first dimension while she replenishes her chakra, but when Naruto tries to use his abilities to save Obito, Black Zetsu launches a tirade not only about Naruto's futile efforts, but what he believes to be Obito's wasted life; and though Obito agrees to this, Zetsu's words do nothing but infuriate the touring Uzumaki. Wasting no time when he realised that his dōjutsu's ability was useable once more, Sasuke launches an attack on Kaguya, forcing her to shift dimensions once more to narrowly escape the attack. Noting that this time he would be the distraction, Sasuke engages Kaguya giving her no time to relent as he dons his Susanoo and flies towards her. Obito uses this time to impart his final words to Kakashi and Naruto, thanking them for allowing him to remember who he used to be. After telling Naruto to become Hokage, Obito finally disintegrates into a pile of ash, leading Black Zetsu to comment that Obito was a cockroach for having last so long rather than a regular insect. Enraged at this point, Naruto declares that because he wanted to become Hokage at one point, Obito was an awesome person in his eyes, and proceeded to fly up to Kaguya at an extreme speed, severing her left arm with his own chakra arm. Meanwhile, in what appears to be the afterlife, Obito finds Rin and the two reconcile.

What do you think about  naruto chapter 687?

Naruto 687 Spoiler Trivia:Volume 68 marks the first time Obito’s entire face has been seen on a manga cover (albeit from his younger days). 

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Naruto 687 review

Hi everyone and welcome to what will probably be one of the shortest reviews I've written so far for Naruto.

If I can summarize chapter 687 in one sentence, it would be " Obito says stuff and dies" because there is so little that happens in this chapter that you can literally skip 687 altogether and it wouldn't matter. at the end of 686 Obito is stabbed and dying and we get a whole chapter of watching him die basically.
At the start of the chapter Kakashi asks his old rival turned friend turned rival turned friend again why he saved him and Obito responds it's because Kakashi's power is still needed.

I wonder what sort of weed Obito is using cause it must be very powerful stuff if it makes Kakashi look useful at this stage of the story, I love the character but let's be honest he has done nothing except tag along for quite a while now, so Obito's reason is just lame. The only slightly interesting development is that Kaguya is running out of chakra and needs to go to her dimension as she heals faster there. I remember the good old days when recovering chakra took hours and such but that was a long time ago.

A rather perfect summary of team 7's reaction to Obito, Naruto is loud and angry, Sasuke is also enraged that another Uchiha just died and Sakura..... well she's in the panel so that's something right? right?

I had a minor heart attack when I saw Naruto use his Jesus palm on Obito, I mean that would just be incredible wouldn't it? so far it can revive the dead (Obito) grow organs (Kakashi) and save people from certain death injuries (Gai). I was really scared we'd get Obito revived again yet it didn't happen.

I did like seeing Betsu's lecture on Obito's life until now, Obito has lost literally everything he ever had, multiple times in fact, he has nobody and his death shouldn't mean much. This entire war is his fault so it is a little hard to say "Poor Obito" when all that's happened is his fault and had he just talked to someone about his feelings he might have been able to help himself. Instead he started a war and then after one Therapy session with Naruto he's calmed down and brought back to normal.

In a world where people regularly kill from a very young age I'm surprised there is no special department for therapy and stress.

I give Sasuke a lot of flak for his lack of emotional attachments but here's something he always does well, he acts when he sees an opportunity. With all this talk over Obito's funeral he sees an opening and he tries to lightning blade Kaguya's head, it doesn't work but he gets an A+ for effort.

With his powers restored Sasuke tells Naruto that it's time they left Obito and focused on Kaguya, of course Naruto doesn't respond and Sasuke moves ahead which is admirable yet makes little strategic sense since Sasuke is unlikely to defeat Kaguya by himself and even if he does subdue her in some way he can't seal her without Naruto. Sasuke fighting alone is the wrong move I believe.

Obito gives a speech on his life of regret and what he had and what he has now, IF ONLY he realized this a week ago we wouldn't have a war on our hand would we? I never really understood the trope of villains dying and once they are on their death beds they start having regrets, really? couldn't you start having regrets before thousands of people died? that would be nice of you, could have spared their family all that trauma but nope, villains have to have a global tantrum and once it's over then they wish they could take it back.

Not to mention his logic for world domination and the death of thousands.

Despite my lack of empathy for Obito dying, it is cool how Naruto sort of crushes his body and promises to become Hokage, I really enjoyed that moment. And hey it motivates Naruto enough to take off one of kaguya's arms, whaaaat?

The Epilogue of this chapter is that Obito is finally reunited with Rin, one wonders why he didn't just kill himself sooner to be with her instead of making the whole world suffer.

No predictions this chapter since not much really happened, you can check out my predictions for the previous chapter if you're interested.
What did I think of this chapter? hmm... seems a bit long to be honest. Obito's death could have been 5 panels and then the story moves on, I felt like Kishi was milking the scene a little which is ironic cause he intends to end his manga soon yet drags the story at a lot of parts. I wasn't too moved by much this chapter to be honest and felt it was just too long for what it wanted to tell. For that I'll give Naruto a 1.5 out of 5.

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Naruto Chapter 687 Review

A chapter dedicated to sending off Obito, one of Naruto's most resilient characters. If you haven't read the chapter you can read it here (mangastream translation) or here (mangapanda translation).
So this chapter was basically a send off to Obito - A young boy with a dream who went on the path of destruction after being brainwashed by Madara but came back to his senses thanks to Naruto.
First off we get the reactions of those around him - Kakashi is shocked and sad, Kaguya is worrying about her chakra levels and Zetsu is basically giving us a recap of Obito's life whereas team 7's reaction is this...
Naruto shows his anger loudly while Sasuke keeps his anger of losing another Uchiha within himself and Sakura is... still trying to understand stuff.
Then Naruto goes forward to heal Obito and that moment nearly gave me a heart attack... if Naruto's healing thing would've worked I would've gone to Google translate, translated "What are you doing!!?" into Japanese, taken a trip to Japan, request a meeting with Kishimoto and when I met him I would've yelled whatever the translation for "What are you doing!!?" is. Thankfully it didn't come to that.
While Zetsu is giving his speech Sasuke takes advantage of this and goes in for the attack ASAP! He misses but A+ for effort. Dimension change time!
Sasuke goes forward hoping for Naruto to come in as backup but Naruto stays there listening to Obito brood over his life and say his final words. I wasn't too fond of this scene but this is what I'd expect from a tribute chapter. My favourite part of would be this...
Anywho, Obito crumbles and an angered Naruto goes after Kaguya and slashes the arm with Zetsu off!
Naruto is coming to a close soon and so my patience to slow chapters is close to none. I understand the chapter being a tribute and all but we could've dedicated half chapter for that and the remaining half for story. The art when Obito says "I know you will become Hokage." was very beautiful. I'll give this one a 5/10.
I believe that tomorrow, after the release of the Naruto episode, there will be a teaser for the movie. So check it out!

Did you like this tribute chapter? What will happen next chapter? Tell me about it in the comments!

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