Naruto 690 Prediction: The seal!

The seal connects! What lies ahead for team 7?!!!

Black zetsu: NOOOOOOOOOOO MOTHER!!! (Damnit i cant move do to the guodama rod!)

Kaguya: How Dare you!!!


Naruto: Kakashi take you and sakura to your dimension and stay there for now!

Kakashi: (They must know what their doing) Alright! Sakura lets get out of here for now!

Kakshi kamuis him and sakura to the kamui dimension

Sasuke: Alright, naruto you know what we have to do right?

Naruto: Of course idiot!

Sasuke: hmpf... [very subtle grin is shown on sasuke's face]

Naruto/sasuke both jump backwards to the ground, a moon and sun mark is shown where they touched kaguya.

Kaguya: [shocked face] This is the same jutsu those brats used on me long ago! (Theirs no escaping this jutsu, DAMN!)

Naruto and sasuke jump torwards each other and interlock their hands with the marks on it

Naruto/Sasuke: Alright lets do this

Their hands begin to glow a bright white colour

They release their hands and a glowing white sphere (similar to chibaku tensei) is shown, and it hurls itself at kaguya

the white sphere pierces kaguya in the chest and stays there.

The ground begins to shake and HUGE rocks are shown flying torwards her

Naruto: This is the end for you rabbit granny!!!

Sasuke: Rot in space you piece of trash...

The rocks around her have increased in size and the ball is almost as big as the moon.

Sasuke: Get ready, here comes the painful part!

The marks on their hand begin to sizzle

Naruto/sasuke: AGHHHHHH

A dark shadowey dimension is shown and kaguya is shown standing their looking confused...

Kaguya: Where am I?!?!?!

?????: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH (maniac laughter in the backround)

Kaguya: Whos there?!?!

?????: You should remember me...considering.....


Kaguya: Madara?!?!......

Madara: So now you remember

Kaguya: How the hell can you be here...what do you want?!?!

Madara is shown walking out of the shadows still in juubi form.

Madara: I want, NO i will HAVE what you stole from me, and thats my body.

Kaguya: You bastard!

Madara is shown suddenly suddenly in front of kaguya, he puts his hand on her throat and choaks her lifting her up by the neck.

Madara: When i take over your body i will have the ultimate power, no one will be able to stop me....

Madara: Once i've killed you, i will kill that traitor black zetsu...

Madara: Now die!

Kaguya: Please wait NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Scene switches back to Naruto/Sasuke

Sasuke: We did it...

Naruto: I know, its finally over! I Cant wait to go back and have some ichiraku ra-

A HUMONGOUS explosion is shown coming from the moon they have created in the sky

A shadowey figure is shown in the smoke, two rinnegans are shown and a third eye is shown glowing brightley

Naruto is shown with an angered look

Naruto: This chakara is.....

Who is this mysterious foe? What lies ahead for Naruto and sasuke?

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Naruto 690 Prediction: The Curtain Finally Rises... !!!

Due to the combined effort of Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura, Kaguya's end is nigh! On to the final phase of the War Arc! To commemorate, extra pages!!!

Sasuke: Now!

Naruto: Yosh!

Kakashi: Yes! This is the end for you Kaguya!

Kaguya: [Grunting]

Naruto and Sasuke successfully manage to connect their sealing jutsu to Kaguya's body which becomes enveloped in seals and markings. She struggles to break free, but the strength of the jutsu is to strong. Sakura, who was above Kaguya, continues to fall past the trio, ultimately being caught in Kakashi's Susano'o which stays hovered near the commotion.

Black Zetsu: Damn. I would've never thought Mother would be captured this easily. Then again, some unexpected scenarios developed. There was actually no way to plan for any of this, especially you Kakashi (panel switches to Kakashi's face) getting Obito's powers. Oh well, it seems our plan has failed Mother. There's very little to be done about it now, though. So forgive me if this seems wily. [Exits Kaguya's sleeve and lands somewhere on the ground]

Naruto: Hey! Get back here!

Sasuke: Forget him!!! Focus on completing this jutsu! Sakura and Kakashi; make sure he doesn't do anything sneaky!

Black Zetsu: No need to worry. I don't have any plans to stop you anymore. In a few seconds, this will all be over anyways [raises hands signaling around him]. Go ahead with the sealing technique. I'll wait here patiently like a good boy. [Smirks]

Kakashi: Something is odd about this whole situation... Be careful you two! I feel something might not be right.

Sakura: What's wrong Kakashi-sensei?!

Sasuke: [Eyeing Black Zetsu] Alright, let's begin.

Regular World

Hashirama: Huh?! What's going on?

Tobirama: That's right. The ground is shaking!

Minato: Look! The branches on the Shinju are shrinking back to the tree! Maybe Naruto and Sasuke did it!

Hiruzen: [Smirks] I knew those two boys could do it!

Hagoromo: [Staring at tree peculiarly] Yes, yes, it is as if they managed to accomplish their task.... I must go now. It was nice meeting you all in person, but I have other notions to attend to. First, I'll heal all of you and then if you'll excuse me. [Disappears]

Hashirama: Huh? Gone so soon?! I didn't even get to ask you any questions!

Tobirama: Stop being a spoiled brat Hashirama!

Hashirama: You can't talk to me like that!

Hiruzen and Minato:

In Konoha, the cocoons begin to drop and break apart as normal citizens and shinobi come out of them, dazed and weakened. Everyone, it is to the same effect; the cocoons dwindling into dust it seems, people falling out and rejoicing with their families and friends.

Orochimaru: Huh? It seems that it was all a dream. The Infinite Tsukiyomi is ending which means.... Mother and father. . . [Get's up looking determined] [Leaves before Suigetsu, Juugo, and Karin can get up]

Konohamaru: W-what?! I'm not the Hokage anymore?! Ehhhhhhhhhh?!!!!!!

Hinata: Hmm? Naruto?! [Looks around and see's Kiba and the rest of the K11] [Suddenly realizes] [Hurries over to where the Shinju continues to change]

Hashirama: Darn. So he just bailed on us like that?!

Hiruzen: He probably has better things to do then chat with old men like us, Lord First.

Hashirama: But he's older than us!?!!!!!!

Tobirama: [Arms crossed agitated] [Something hits his head] Huh?

Minato: [Watching Tobirama] T-that's the Shinju fruit!!!

Tobirama: It is! It must've ripened before the Infinite Tsukiyomi could be stopped! [Bends down to pick it up]

Suddenly, one of Tobirama's arms is gone. Minato has whisked past him, a kunai gleaming brilliantly in his hand while the Shinju is in the other.

Hiruzen: L-Lord 4th?!!!

Minato: I'm sorry. I cannot allow you to touch this fruit.

Back In Kaguya's World

Everything around them begins to crack and dissolve. The environment dwindles to resemble mere drawings and aesthetics. A massive shaking threatens to tear the whole world apart, seemingly taking the heroes with it. Kaguya stares at Black Zetsu with a mighty rage.

Sasuke: Okay, now that her chakra is binded, it's time to finish the other part before this place disappears.

Naruto: Right! You've got this next part, right?!

Sasuke: Yeah, I've been saving it for this. Chibaku Tensei! [Sends black sphere far, far, far into the sky]

Sakura: That's---?!!

Kakashi: So he can also use some Rinnegan techniques as well, huh? And here I thought I had retaken my role on top. This generation continues to surprise me.

Sasuke: Naruto! That thing is going to be in full force! After securing Kaguya, we need to get out of here fast! It's gravitational pull is enough to rip out a chunk of the Earth! That much chakra will drain me, so I need your help from here on out!

Naruto: Right! Just count on me, Sasuke!

Sasuke: All right! Retract your Goudama and contain her just like the Sage said to do!

Naruto: [Concentrated look] [Goudama float from him and combine into one to form a giant sphere. It envelops Kaguya who continues with her seething look at Black Zetsu. They are also absorbed within the sphere since they're hands are still connected]

Sasuke: All right. Time to disconnect. Are you ready?

Naruto: Yosh!

Both Naruto and Sasuke wait for the right moment before yanking their hands back, completing the seal. As they do it, the mark on their hands begin to burn badly. As they both leer towards their palms, Hagoromo appears silently within the sphere. He stares at all three of them before speaking.

Kaguya: You!!!

Naruto: [Looks up surprised] Old man! What's going on?! And how did you get here?!

Hagoromo: The chakra I gave you is disappearing. You'll still retain some of your abilities, but my energy will leave you. Also, since her worlds are breaking down, you all are reconnecting with reality. I merely crossed dimensions. As a strong enough spirit, one is able to accomplish such a task which is probably how your friend Obito gave you sensei his chakra.

Sasuke: Okay then, what now?! How do we leave this sphere?! For some reason my eye powers aren't working so I can't switch us out.

Hagoromo: All abilities are nullified within this Onmyoudon. This is Onmyoudon backed with my chakra. It will not allow escape so easily which is necessary to contain my mother.

Sasuke: [Angry] I'll ask again; how do we get out of here.

Hagoromo: [Gravely] You don't.

Naruto: Huh? What the hell are you talking about Old Man?! We can't leave?!

Hagoromo: Oh, no. You're free to go Naruto, but this jutsu calls for one of you to be sealed within it. Its it's weakness as a sealing technique. My brother designed it himself. He was also sealed along with with the Juubi when the time came. Now, it is your turn Sasuke to be sacrificed.

Naruto: What the hell! You most be stupid, Old Man! Sasuke's coming with me!

Sasuke: [Shocked]

Hagoromo: Sasuke is a descendant of Indra who have done no good for the Shinobi world. I've seen it with my own eyes Naruto. The sooner this lineage ends, the better! I won't argue with you. You must leave now! Begone!!!

With a massive force, Naruto is expelled out of the side of the black sphere, he reaches out as he calls Sasuke's name. Kakashi swoops Naruto up into his Susano'o and lands somewhere on the ground. Black Zetsu laughs manically where he stands.

Kakashi: What happened?!

Sakura: Yeah, where's Sasuke?!

Naruto: [Weakened] He's still in the sphere.... hurry.... you have to stop it before he's sealed with Kaguya!

Kakashi: [Determined look] Right, stay with Naruto, Sakura! [Drops them both and takes off]

As Kakashi nears the sphere, he readies his Susano'o blade. He tries attacking the sphere but it doesn't bodge. The Chibaku Tensei is not raging at full force. Next, Kakashi exits his Susano'o and tries to phase through the sphere. but he is rejected and shot back out.

Black Zetsu: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It's no USE!!! THERE'S NO SAVING POOR SASUKE!!! He's stuck in that sphere for the rest of ETERNITY!!!

Sakura: [Holding Naruto] No! There's gotta be a way to save him!

Black Zetsu: [Smirks even bigger] There IS NO WAY!!!! YOU KNOW HOW I KNOW?!! BECAUSE I WAS SEALED WITHIN IT!

Naruto: [Head snaps up] No way! Y-you're .... ?!!!

Black Zetsu: That's RIGHT!!! I'm HAMURA!!!!

Kakashi: Shit! I can't break it! And I can't Kamui it either! [The black sphere begins to be pulled towards Chibaku Tensei and so does Kakashi] Dammit!

Naruto: [Enters Bijuu Mode weakly]

Kurama: Oi! You're already drained! Don't force anything or you could die!

Naruto: [Ignores Kurama] [Creates long chakra arm that grabs Kakashi and pulls him back]

Kakashi: N-Naruto!

Sakura: SASUKE-KUN!!!!

Naruto: I'll get him back! Don't worry! [Jumps up and gets pulled in]

Kakashi and Sakura: NARUTO!!!

Hagoromo: [Appears next to Naruto] Give up, young one. There is no way to stop break that sphere. Besides, by doing this, I will end the cycle of hatred that has plague the Shinobi World for too long. You won't need to deal with that anymore.

Naruto: You're stupid. I expected more from the Sage of Six Paths!

Hagoromo: ?!!!!

Naruto: This cycle of hatred is nothing more than a fake! You said you used this technique with your brother, right?! Did you just let him get sucked up too?! You're pathetic! You know nothing about being a real Shinobi! I'll save Sasuke and we'll have to beat Kaguya another way, then, but make no mistake;


Naruto(contd): Odama Rasenshuriken Planet!!!

Kurama: N-Naruto!!!

Hagoromo: [Angry] I-I told you that would not work!!! Face it, Indra's bloodstained past will finally be dealt with.

Naruto: Hey, old man.

Hagoromo: ???!!!

Naruto: SHUT THE HELL 'UP!!! [Throws Windmill at Chibaku Tensei]

Hagoromo: He's aiming to destroy the Chibaku Tensei?!!!

The Windmill gets pulled in even faster as it nears the Chibaku Tensei, dramatically increasing it's momentum. It connects with the outer shell of material absorbed and begins drilling into the giant earth sphere. It penetrates shell after shell, almost reaching the core before it begins fizzing out.

Hagoromo: See! It did not make it!

Naruto: Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Goku, Kokou, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki, and Kurama!!!!! GIVE ME SOME CHAKRA!!!!!!

Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Goku, Kokou, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki, and Kurama: RIGHTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hagoromo: I won't let you! [Enters Naruto's body] [The body poofs] What? A Shadow Clone? When did he have time to----!!!! [Looks up at Chibaku Tensei]

The Rasenshuriken continues to almost dissipate before it poofs into a cloud of smoke, transforming into Naruto who roars, thrusting his palm out at the isolated core of Chibaku Tensei.

Son Goku: This is all we got!

Matatabi: Use it wisely!

Kurama: Go.... NARUTO!!!

Naruto: This will be good enough!


It connects!!!!

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KAKASHI : [ Please, Watch me together... This time, I swear... I'll protect them... and I'll protect the world!! ]
Susano'o's arm, holding Sakura moves towards the forehead jewel )
Sakura is taken inside the jewel )
SAKURA : Sensei!
KAKASHI : Sakura, lend me a hand. You feel the same, right?
looks at Naruto and Sasuke ) ...
remembers )
inside the Sasuke's PS after IT activation )
What's going on outside now? Sasuke-kun.
SASUKE : Why do you need to know? There's nothing you can do now.
SAKURA : .....
KAKASHI : Sakura...
Kakashi's PS fluctuates )
looks at Kakashi ) ....
KAKASHI : We won't be burden for them anymore...
smiles ) Haiiiii ( Yeah!! )
Naruto and Sasuke arrives near Kakashi's PS )
NARUTO : Awesomeee!! Sensei! Your Susano'o also got the scar similar like yours.
SASUKE : Kakashi, what is the meaning of this?
KAKASHI : It's a gift from Obito. Sasuke, Let's not waste any more time. Let's work together.
screams ) Grrrrr!!!!!
extends it's fangs towards Team 7 )
BLACK ZETSU : Mother....
to Kakashi ) Can you keep up with me?
SAKURA : Don't worry Sasuke. We won't let you down! (
smirks )
NARUTO : Yeah! Take that Sasuke!! (
smashes his fist on the palm of his other hand ) Hahahaha... OK!! ( rubs his nose with his thumb ) Let's go all out!
smirks ) Yeah!
Sasuke activates PS )
KAKASHI : Sasuke, let's go!!
Both Susano'o dashes towards the monster )
launches its tails towards the Susano'o )
unsheathes the Susano'o swords and blocks the tails )
Both Susano'o blocks the tails and are holding them in mid air )
tries hard to hold the tails ) Tch!
the other tails are raised and are swung towards the Susano'os )
SASUKE : Kakashi!!
Kakashi's gives a cross look to Sasuke )
SFX : PUSH!!!!
The incoming tails push them back )
Sasuke's Susano'o swords gets covered with Senjutsu lightning )
Sasuke activates his rinnegan ability )
Lightning?! ]
Kakashi's Susano'o vaishes from Sasuke's side )
Sasuke slices through the hands on the tails of the monster )
Kakashi appears at the top, he views the tails bundled up in Sasuke's direction )
KAKASHI : Got it!!
Kakashi activates chidori )
A stream of lightning covers whole PS )
KAKASHI : Sakura, maintain the flow of chakra!
Kakashi dives from the height onto the bundle of tails in a blink of an eye )
The lighning infused Susano'o slices the whole bunch of tails and separates them from the monster )
RABBIT MONSTER : Groaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
Monster attacks with it's fangs as the pain of the tails getting cut bursts out )
the catching of flies starts violently )
Kakashi and Sasuke dodges the fangs distracting it's vision towards the sky )
SFX : RUN!!!! DASH!!!! WHIP!!
The whipping chakra tails are shown )
A huge shadow figure leaps in the sky from behind the Rabbit Monster )
NARUTO : I'm not staying behind.
Naruto is shown in Ashura Mode )
Naruto is in mid air with his six chakra arms raised high )
NARUTO : Kakashi Sensei!! Sasuke!! Sakura-chan...
his lips are shown )
A huge bijuudama is shown controlled by the six chakra arms )
NARUTO : Thanks for the time!!
the forehead eye notices Naruto ) Grrr?!!
raises its fang towards Naruto )
Shit! ]
SFX : ZING!!!!
Sasuke's right eye bleeds )
Amaterasu!! ]
The forehead eye sets of black flames )
Rabbit monster screams in pain and starts absorbing the flames )
three views from different perception are shown showing Naruto slamming the huge bijuudama onto its eye )
RABBIT MONSTER : Gyahhhh!!!!!
A wild scream can be heard )
The tails grows again and slams the unguarded susano'os on the ground unknowingly while whipping it's tails in agony )
The Susano'os are sliced from shoulder and waist )
Naruto guards himself with the tails and is thrown back )
The partly crushed eye glows )
The dimensions switches to the gravity world )
everyone is pulled down )
The dimension suddenly switches to sea of acid )
they are about to fall into the acid )
the monster whips it's tails into the acid thus splashing the acid in air and over itself, the susano'o and Naruto's new mode )
the monster screams again )
the dimension switches back and everyone falls on the rubbles of a destroyed land )
still pinned down by the gudoudama rods ) This is.. ?
holding his head and in normal mode ) Arghhh. My head is spinning.
holding Kakashi ) Sensei, are you alright?
with one eye open ) Where are we?
looks in the sky ) We're... ?!! [ shit!! ]
A huge tail is about to slam over Sasuke )
RABBIT MONSTER : Grrrrroaaahhhhh!!!!
BLACK ZETSU : Kill him, Mother!!
SAKURA : Sasuke-kun!!
comes to senses ) Huh?
SFX : CREAK!! GROW!!!!!!
huge branches grows out of the ground )
BLACK ZETSU : Kill them all, Mother!!
the branches moves violently growing huge around the Rabbit Monster )
tears flow down her eyes ) Everything is finished...
SAKURA : Sasuke-kun!!
Sasuke and Tobirama are shown standing in front of them )
Hashirama in Sage mode is shown holding the seals on the other side in front of Naruto )
NARUTO : First Hokage gramps?!
the huge branches grabs the Monster and tries to pin it down with all force )
Tobirama vanishes from the site and appears somewhere else )
Minato and Hiruzen are shown at other places holding the seals )
Minato is having his both arms regenerating )
MINATO : This chakra shared by Rikudo sennin.. is restructuring my arms.
HASHIRAMA : Hokages, hold this monster down!! Naruto! Sasuke!! go ahead!!
Naruto dashes from one side )
Sasuke dashes from the other side towards the pinned Monster )
roars ) Grahhh!!!
BLACK ZETSU : Mother?!!
the forehead eye of the Monster cracks apart and a hand emerges out of the wound covered in blood and white sticky substance )
at the same time, the monster breaks the branches and screams louder thus making Naruto and Sasuke stop in their paths )
the figure is thrown out of the wound till the waist )
the person lifts its head and looks out from the height and its whole body is shaking )
two huge horns are shown on the person's head and long sticky hair covered in white sticky substance )
the person's face is bit confused to tell whether he/she is having an evil smile on his/her face or crying because of the tear-filled eyes )
HOKAGES/TEAM 7 : Madara?!!

( Uchiha Madara surfaces again.... )

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Naruto Manga 689: "I'll protect you...!"


The chapter starts wth full-body view of Kakashi's Perfect Susanoo, with Sakura in it's left hand, who is looking at him in shock, and Naruto is shown smirking.

Kakashi: (Thinking) "Obito... This time for sure... I'll keep my promise to you!"

Editor's text: "TWO POWERS, MIXED UP!!"


Black Zetsu: "What's... the meaning of this... Obito?!"
Sasuke: "What's going on...?"
Naruto: "What do you mean? The Copy Ninja is awesome, that's what's going on!"
Sasuke: "No... I don't think that's the case. Take a look at his Susanoo's head. It's quite different than mine."


Close-up on Kakashi's PS head is shown.

Naruto: "Now that you mentioned it..."
Sasuke: "Maybe Obito gave him this power before he vanished..."
Naruto: "Sasuke, look out!"
Sasuke: "!!"

One of the giant chakra arms is attacking Sasuke, and close-up on his Rinnegan is shown.


Naruto: "Damn it...!"

Naruto attempts to push Sasuke out of the way, as suddenly he's shifted right before Kakashi and Sakura.

Naruto: "Huh?! Sasuke!"

Sasuke cuts off the arm with his Chidori spear, as he's shown above the creature.


Sasuke: "Kaguya... It's time to show you the true power of my left eye!"
Naruto: "Good job, Sasuke!"
Sasuke: "Hmph. More importantly, Naruto, I'll keep this thing quiet, you take Sakura to a safe place and then come here with Kakashi. We have to seal her right away!"
Naruto: "Right!"


Sakura is shown with closed eyes and sad face, which instantly turns into a smile.

Sakura: "Sasuke-kun, I know that you're concerned about my safety, but I'm not going to hide anymore..."
Sasuke: "..."
Naruto: "Sakura-chan..."
Sakura: "I'm going to help Kakashi-sensei, because it's not that easy to maintain that form and your eyes, right, sensei?"
Kakashi: "Sakura..."


Sakura: "It's okay, Sasuke-kun... I'll help you from here!"
Sasuke: "Heh..."

Sasuke smirks and turns back to cut yet another arm that was approaching him.

Sasuke: "Get ready!"
Sakura: "Yeah!"


Kakashi: "Naruto, you go and help Sasuke to cut off the arms. Sakura, come here."

Kakashi's Susanoo places Sakura in it's head where Kakashi is.

Kakashi: "Are you ready?"
Sakura: "Yes... My seal's power has returned."

Sakura closes her eyes and makes the Tiger seal, as her seal activates.


Naruto: "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Naruto creates 5 clones.

Naruto: "You guys go and help Sasuke... My other clones were destroyed by the arms... I have something else to do. Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan, can you wait for me?"
Kakashi: "Yes... Do what you have to."

PAGE 10:

Black Zetsu: "You... know nothing..."

Naruto appears before Black Zetsu.

Naruto: "Everything is your fault. I can't forgive you."
Black Zetsu: "Heh... You were able to let go of your hatred towards Obito, but you can't do the same for me?"
Naruto: "Obito..."

PAGE 11:

Naruto: "As well as my parents, Nagato and Itachi... You are responsible for their fates."

Naruto's rage overwhelms him as he prepares giant Bijuu Dama Rasenshuriken.

Black Zetsu: "No... Mother, help me...!!"
Kaguya: "Ugh... my... child is..."

PAGE 12:

Naruto: "Take this... Fuuton: Cho Bijuu Dama Rasenshuriken!"

Naruto throws the Rasenshuriken at Black Zetsu's direction.

Black Zetsu:
"My mother... the secret behind that form... You'll learn it the hard way."

The Rasenshuriken hits it's target, as giant explosion is shown.

PAGE 13:

Naruto: (Thinking) "...secret?!"

Black Zetsu's lifeless body is shown within Kaguya's destroyed arm.

Naruto: (Thinking) "What was he talking about...?"
Sasuke: "Ugh..."

PAGE 14:

All of the Chakra arms are shown cut off, but the creature transforms again, as it's complete rabbit-like Ten-Tailed form is shown.

Naruto's clone: "Sasuke, get away from here! We have to think of some plan with Kakashi-sensei and Sakura-chan!"
Kaguya: "My child... Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha... You are going to pay for this!!"

Enraged Kaguya prepares enormous Bijuu Dama in her Bijuu Mode.

PAGE 15:

Sasuke: "What?! This is immense!"
Naruto's clone: "Sasuke, go!"
Sasuke: "Haah!"

Sasuke appears before Kakashi's Perfect Susanoo, as Kakashi's double Mangekyou is shown.

PAGE 16:

The Bijuu Dama suddenly disappears even before it's being shot by Kaguya.

Kaguya: "What?!"
Sasuke: "Kakashi, you?!"
Naruto: "Sasuke!"
Sasuke: "Naruto, it's time!"
Naruto: "Yeah! Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan, do it!"

PAGE 17:

Sakura: "Right!"

Sakura is shown with her arms on Kakashi's shoulders with Kakashi kneeled before her, just like Obito did.

Kakashi: "Kamui!"

Naruto's clones suddenly appear above Kaguya's Bijuu Mode, all of them throwing Senpo: Chou Bijuu Rasenshuriken at her direction.

Naruto's clones: "Eat this!!"

The Rasenshurikens hit her, as giant explosion occurs.

PAGE 18:

Kaguya's body is shown with several injures, as she looks in shock.

Kaguya: "Huh? Where are... Naruto and Sasuke?!"

Two Kamui spirals appear in both of her sides, as Naruto and Sasuke appear from them, as they prepare to touch her with the seals on their hands.

Kakashi: (Thinking) "Naruto... Sasuke... And Sakura. This time, I'll protect you...!"


Chapter 689/END

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Naruto Manga 689 Predictions "The Sealing Jutsu'

Editor's note: Kakashi's double Mangekyou!

Naruto: Wow! Kakashi-sensei!

Sasuke: But how?

Sasuke takes a closer look of Kakashi's face...

Sasuke: [How come he has Sharingan,That too both of them....I saw Obito dying.....there was no trace of his Sharingan left]

Kakashi: Time to finish you off!

Naruto and Sasuke take the lead: YEAH!!

*With Sage and Hokage's*

Sage: Are you ready?

A panel shows all the Hokage's as they were in their glory days.....Minato's hands are healed and Other Hokage's are been healed too

Hashirama: Yosh! Let's go

Minato: [I feel a lot stronger]

Sage: Before we go to my mother,let me perform a small jutsu of mine...

Hiruzen: What is it? Hagoromo-sama?

Sage:Rinne Rebirth no Jutsu!!!

*Back with Naruto and Sasuke*

The Huge Mass of Chakra of the Ten Tails has been absorbed by Kaguya again....

Naruto: Uhhhh!!!! Not again!

Sasuke: We should be going with the sealing Jutsu now...!!!

Naruto: But How?

Sasuke: I have a plan.....With my jutsu,I can exchange places with something or someone...

Kakashi: [I think I get it......]

*56 seconds later*

Sasuke: So that's it...

Naruto: Sounds nasty to me! I guess it is the only way!

Sasuke: Okay! So let's get going!

Kakashi: Yasaka Magatama!*Kakashi Throws a Magatama at Kaguya*

*Meanwhile a panel shows Black Zetsu in sad mode*

Naruto and Sasuke jumps towards Kaguya

Kaguya:[What are they up to?]

Naruto: Take this! Rasengan!

Sasuke: Chidori

The Magatama gets on the either side of Kaguya whereas Naruto and Sasuke are on the opposite side....

Kaguya:[Hmph]*Grabs the magatama*

Naruto: Sasuke! Now!

Sasuke:Rinnegan Teleportation Jutsu

Nothing happend....

Sasuke: Sh*t it stopped working again....maybe I'm not used to it....

Naruto: SASUKE! YOU!!!!!!


*Both Naruto and Sasuke repelled 50 meters away from Kaguya*

*A Shadow grabs Naruto while another one grabs Sasuke*

Naruto: Huh!?? DAD!!!

The shadow is revealed to be Minato...

Sasuke: Tch!!!

The guy who grabbed Sasuke was Hashirama...

Huruzen: So this is Kaguya Ototsuki!?

Tobirama: So it seems!

Hashirama: You Okay Child?

Sasuke: Yeah!

Minato:Naruto! You alright!?

Naruto: Hell Yeah!!!

?????: So.....I will fight the good side now huh??

Hashirama: Well,If you want to!.......MADARA!

*Half of the Panel Shows Juubi Madara with two Rinnegan's*

*Other panel shows all Hokage's with Surprised Naruto and Team....*


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Naruto 690 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

Naruto 690 spoilers!!! NARUTO 690 Predictions&Discussions!!!

Naruto 689 has been released now!!! Enjoy the new chapter!

What do you think about  naruto chapter 689? 

Naruto 689 Spoiler Trivia: Studio Pierrot’s Settei sheets of Kakashi show that he was 140 cm in Naruto Shippūden 4: The Lost Tower 148 cm as a newly promoted jōnin at Kannabi Bridge and 168 cm when the Nine-Tails’ attack occurred.

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