Naruto Chapter 674 Prediction : Extremes Clashing !

Naruto and Sasuke stare at Madara who is floating in mid-air above them.
Naruto : Alright Sasuke ! Let's go ! (clashing both his fists together with a grin on his face)
Sasuke : Calm down Naruto ! (with a smirk on his face)
Kakashi : (thinking) This power ! They've both changed a lot .
Gaara : (thinking) This is still the same Naruto that brought me out of darkness . I know you can do it Naruto !

Both Naruto and Sasuke dash toward Madara , Naruto uses one of the Goudama to make a platform that Sasuke can travel on , while he floats toward Madara .
Madara : Now is the time to find out who is the God of Shinobi ! I'll make you both dance until you can't dance any further !
Naruto : Sorry Bastard ! I don't need to dance , I'll just smash you to oblivion !
Madara: Big talk Naruto ! But can you back it up !?
Sasuke : He doesn't need to ! (Sasuke appears directly infront of Madara and thrusts his hands forward ) Shinra Tensei !
The Shinra Tensei hits Madara with significant force as he is blown away .
Sasuke : Naruto ! Now's your chance !
Naruto : I'm on it ! (Naruto uses the power of Isobu the Sanbi to form his Goudama into a huge spherical shell with spikes on it . The shell covers Naruto and begins rotating forward toward Madara who is still blown away by the after effects of the Shinra Tensei .)
Madara regains his composure and sees Naruto coming in fast with the Gaudama surrounding him as a shell with spikes on it . He thrusts his right arm forward with his left hand gripping his right arm's wrist
Madara : Haaaaaaa!!! ( A huge chakra blast emerges from Madara's hand .)
Naruto : That won't cut it ! Raaaaarhg! ( Roars Naruto )
The Gaudama Sphere transforms into a huge rotating saw blade that cuts right through Madara's chakra wave.
Madara : What the - !?
Madara narrowly dodges the spinning Gaudama saw-blade only to sense a presence above him , he quickly reacts to a punch from a Susano'o arm that Sasuke formed.
Madara : Aaaah ! The Susano'o . Hmph ... even with your new power , you rely on your weak Mangekyou ! How Pathetic !
Sasuke : I'm not done yet fossil ! (Sasuke says with a smirk as the Susanoo's arm manifests into a huge ethereal cannon that releases an energy blast )
Madara is blown away by the attack and crashes into the ground .
Madara : He combined his Susano'o with the Asura Path !? I'll acknowledge him (While getting up from the ground in a huge crater with rock rubble all over .)
Naruto : Nice one Sasuke ! I need you to buy me time ! (Flying toward Madara)
Sasuke : I'll do more than that Naruto . (Sasuke whisperesas he lands on the ground several meters away from Madara , he puts his gaze on Madara and channels chakra into his Rinnegan .)
Madara : He's up to something (Madara thinks to himself )
Sasuke :Kami no Toki Kansei !
In a an instant , Madara dashes to Sasuke but something spectacular happens . Time has frozen !
Madara : What is happening to me ! It feels as though I can't move what the - !? Wait what's this , the rocks around me have frozen aswell , even the dust itself ! This jutsu , he can freeze time !( Madara thinks to himself while suspended in mid-air )
Sasuke : Hurry up Naruto , I can't hold it for long !
Naruto : Thanks Sasuke , you might want to move out of the way ! 

  Sasuke jumps out of the way and Naruto is seen fusing all the Goudama into 10 flat circles that are a few meters spread out from each other in a straight line. Naruto thrusts his arms forward and creates a Bijuu Dama . He fires the Bijuu Dama in the form of a beam which is the combination off all of the Bijuu Damas formed by the tailed beasts . the beam phases through each of the flat circular shaped Goudama . The power of the beam is multiplied Ten fold ! Making it a 100x More powerful than a single Tailed Beast Ball ! 
Madara : ......!? If that blast hits me , I'll surely die !( Madara thinks to himself while suspended in Mid air )
Madara : I've acknowledge you both ! Let's end this Now !!! ( Madara Shouts with as the beam heads in his direction )


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