Naruto 686 review and 687 Predictions

The chapter starts with a glance at the meeting between the Hokages and the Sage, as the Sage briefs all of them about the current situation Tobirama states it would be nice if they had this info later, the Sage counters that only by mixing the chakras of Indra, Ashura and the Jyuubi can he appear. The problem with this statement is that the moment Madara sealed the Jyuubi inside him all these conditions were met, yet the Sage only appeared when Hashirama touched Madara's lower half... which Madara has always wanted him to.

It kind of bugs me that Hashirama merely touching Madara can summon the Sage yet Madara's body is full of Hashirama's cells and the Jyuubi yet those conditions weren't enough to summon the Sage.

The fight between Kaguya and Naruto is a very strong reminder of the fight between Naruto and Kmimaro, in both situations Naruto summons a ton of clones against an opponent who uses mostly bone attacks, as well as the fact that Naruto loses most of his clones. The even use the same "bone hand" technique thingy.

Kakashi hasn't done much since he's lost his Sharingan has he? I mean he lost his eye, Naruto regrew an eye for him and.... that's pretty much all he's done for a while right? every chapter I keep expecting him to do something useful and this chapter sets it up nicely, Kakashi is miserable because he seems unable to provide any assistance to Naruto, he laments how even Sakura is doing her best to bring back Sasuke while Kakashi just stands around. Before anything happens though Sasuke, Sakura and Obito return and we get to see what a scared sleeve looks like.

Naruto greets his comrades as they return and Kaguya uses this opening to grab him and Bam, princess stabbity immediately impales poor Naruto. Or so it seems, as a lot of people predicted last week, Naruto just made sure his truth seeking balls (unlike the more common, female seeking balls) followed a clone and when Kaguya finally grabbed the clone it wouldn't cost him anything. The best part I think is seeing Zetsu's second scared shitless face.

Two in one chapter? Kishi you shouldn't have.

When Naruto rejoins Sasuke the first thing he asks him is if he thanked Sakura and Obito, While Sasuke did have some serious eye sex with Sakura last chapter he didn't actually thank her per say, nor did Obito get any Sharingan-on-Sharingan eye action. Kind of rude really not to thank people who literally went to a whole different existence for you.

Kaguya decides to change dimensions again and this time it's a gravity world. At first I thought that every dimension represents some sort of bloodline limit or something but gravity is new. Then it occured to me that yes, we have seen Gravity release being used before, and from someone very similar to Kaguya in fact.

Still Gravity release has never been referred to as such and I'm not sure what combination of elements would result in gravity anyways.

It doesn't seem like the best world for Kaguya though, as she is just as affected by the new dimension's gravity as everyone else. During her first assault Kaguya misses due to the gravity affecting how things move, stronger gravity results in objects being harder to throw. Zetsu though says that he "fixes it" and I wonder what that means, does Zetsu have some control over Kaguya's power?

Kakashi and Obito both have the same idea, they can try to take the attacks coming for Naruto and Sasuke, I was reading fast through this chapter but I was still sort of stumped on why Rin suddenly showed up somehow, she's not actually there and yet she makes an appearance out of nowhere. I don't get what it means but it made me re-read the last couple of pages and wondering what is going on. Obito and Kakashi even thank her, as if she did something, what is going on?.

When I saw Obito save Kakashi and the way they are both standing in front of some projectile it immediately occured to me that I've seen this sequence before. Back when they were trying to send Obito to save Naruto and give him a part of the Kyuubi, back then Kakashi used his Kamui to speed up Obito's travel time and sacrifice himself. This time it's Obito who saves Kakashi.

I'm a little sad to see Obito die but truth is he's been close to death like 4 times and actually did die at one point and get brought back to life, I like this death and sacrifice and kind of hope that Kishi sticks to it for once and let Obito go.


1- Well the first major prediction I can make is that Kakashi might get Obito's eyes and that's really sort of it. I also don't think Kakashi will die by the end of the manga because Kishi keeps putting him in dangerous situations and then letting him live.

2- I am pretty sure now that it will be the Sage who seals his mother, we will get some conversation between them and then we will see the Sage seal her, he will do the seals himself while everyone else provides him with the chakra he needs.


This was a good chapter, infact it was really good in my opinion although in the end of it we see that Kakashi really didn't do anything did he? I mean sure he tried to save Sasuke but Obito would have used Kamui either way so...

I liked Naruto's strategy, how he asks Sasuke if he thanked his team, Obito's 6th death is interesting and I hope it sticks, I also really want to see Kakashi do more in the next chapter. Overall I liked this chapter a lot and I'll give it a 4 out of 5.

What do you guys think? did you like Zetsu's face? which death do you most prefer for Obito? also what the hell was Rin doing in this chapter?
Naruto 687 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]
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Naruto 687 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

Naruto 687 spoilers!!! NARUTO 687 Predictions&Discussions!!! 

Naruto 686 has been released now!!! Enjoy the new chapter!

Naruto 686 "People Who Left and People Who Leave Something" Summary:
Hagoromo's spirit informs the Hokage of the events that transpired after the Infinite Tsukuyomi was cast. He also informs them that due to Madara's lower half still containing Yang-Kurama's as well as both Indra's and Asura's chakras, they fully combined, resulting in his spirit finally emerging. Minato questions Hagoromo on a technique he told them earlier, but he said it would require a huge amount of chakra, which he does not have at the moment, having given Naruto and Sasuke his chakra earlier. Charging the Hokage before him, he asks them to listen and do what he asks. Meanwhile, Kaguya fights against Naruto's shadow clones in an attempt to kill the real one. She fires two bones at him, but was stopped by two clones who protect the main body. As the clones disintegrate, more converge in one place forming a defensive liven between them, proving Black Zetsu's theory correct that the one with the Truth-Seeking Balls was the real one. While Kaguya fights the clones, Kakashi looks on, and begins to feel helpless. Just as he was starting to doubt himself, Naruto's words manage to shake him out of it. Obito, Sakura, and Sasuke soon arrive from the desert dimension but, just as Naruto was about to come to Sasuke, Kaguya suddenly grabs him with her hair and stabs him. Everyone looking in horror, Naruto began to wither away, but suddenly disappears in a puff of smoke, revealing it was yet another shadow clone. Irked by this, Kaguya concedes to the direness of the situation and once again shifts everyone to another dimension, this time, to a high gravity dimension, where all the clones fall out of the sky and start to disappear and everyone else is pinned down, including Kaguya. Kaguya then sprouts more bones, aiming them both at Naruto and Sasuke, who luckily dodged them thanks to the effect of the gravity. As Kaguya prepared to fire again, both Kakashi and Obito run towards them and prepare to die, as they do so, they see a vision of Rin and their younger selves holding hands. Both men were ready to sacrifice their lives, but just at the last moment, Obito uses Kamui to send the bone aiming at Kakashi away, while he sacrifices himself.

What do you think about  naruto chapter 686?  

 Naruto 686 Spoiler Trivia:Although Sasuke’s first appearance is generally thought to be chapter 3, he can actually be seen sitting behind Naruto in chapter 1, page 13.

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Naruto 686: Reunited

Page 1 [Color Page]
[One half of the cover page shows the original Naruto in the air surrounded by a half dozen clones. Kaguya is shown charging towards him intent on ending his life]
[The other half shows the group of Sakura, Sasuke, and Obito standing together in the other dimension]

Sasuke has been rescued in the core dimension!! And Kaguya targets Naruto’s original body!?

Page 2
[An exhausted Sakura looking at Sasuke who is still holding her upright]
Sakura- [tiredly] Sasuke-kun, we found you.
Sasuke- I’m grateful for your help, but we must return to where Kaguya is. That is all that matters at the moment.
Obito- {pants} I’ll need a moment to recover before I can open a portal back to the dimension where Naruto and Kaguya are fighting.

Page 3
Sakura- Sasuke-kun, I’m alright now. Thank you!
[Sasuke, without saying a word, releases Sakura and walks up to Obito. He places his left palm on Obito’s chest, and the crescent moon marking appears]
Sasuke- [with authority] That should be sufficient. Now take me back to Kaguya immediately!!
Obito- {thinks} (He’s blunt as always, but I guess my previous actions are partly to blame for the way he acts.)
Sakura- {looks down} Sasuke-kun…

Page 4
[Scene switches to Naruto and Kaguya in the Ice dimension]
[Naruto’s clone are shown guarding the original body which possesses the Gudou-Damas]
Kaguya- I will not let these pesky replicas hinder me any further.
BZ- Mom, we need a fast, precise attack to take care of the clones, and then we can go directly for the original.
Kaguya- You are right.

Page 5
[Kaguya is shown raising her hands and a close up of her elongated crimson nails are shown]
[A small hole begins to appear at the tip of each finger as small, sharp bone projectiles are shown growing outwards]
Kaguya- Now begone pests!! Digital Shrapnel!!
[Kaguya twirls around as she launches waves of bone projectiles at incredible speeds towards the surrounding Naruto clones]

Page 6
Naruto clones- Gahaha!!
[Dozens of Naruto clones are shown being pierced by the bullets and dispersing in poofs of smoke shortly thereafter]
Naruto- {thinks} (Damn! I need to hold her off just a little longer until Obito and Sakura-chan return with Sasuke)
BZ- Mother, now’s our chance!!
[Kaguya extends her palm as once again the Murdering Ash Bone is shown forming in her hand]

Page 7
[The black rectangular portal of Kaguya’s teleportation ability appears and one of the bones is launched in it]
[The portal is shown opening behind the Naruto with the Gudou-Damas and the jutsu is released toward Naruto]
Naruto- {senses the incoming attack with Sage Mode} Shit!! I can’t let that hit me.
*Naruto is shown remembering how his clone was disintegrated by the same technique via the Kage Bunshin’s memory transfer*
[Naruto quickly turns and pivots in mid-air to just barely avoiding the attack]

Page 8
Naruto- {sighs in relief} Wow that was a close one.
[Naruto is suddenly shown with a shocked expression as he senses Kaguya incoming from behind him]
Kaguya- Now Die!!!!
[The Naruto with the Gudou-Dama is shown being impaled through his chest with a bone dagger]
[The remaining Naruto clones are shown dispersing with Kaguya having a victorious smile on her face]

Page 9
[Naruto is shown coughing up blood as Kaguya drives the bone further into Naruto’s body]
BZ- Finally that’s one nuisance out of the way. Now there is no way for them to seal you mother.
[The impaled Naruto is shown with a small smirk on his face as blood continues to drip from his mouth]
Naruto- Huh, You should learn to never underestimate me!!
[The Naruto thought to be the original suddenly poofs into a cloud of smoke and two Narutos come from behind with chakra arms poised to attack]

Page 10
Naruto- Take this bastard!!
[The Gudou-Damas hovering behind Kaguya transform into bands that wrap themselves around Kaguya in order to bind her]
–somewhat like the ki restraints Majin Vegeta used against Goku—

[Both of Naruto’s chakra arms connect with the restrained Kaguya and knock her back in the air several hundred feet before she crashes into the ground]
[Naruto’s Gudou-Damas are shown returning to him from the cloud of smoke caused by the impact]

Page 11
[Scene switches back to the Edo-Hokage and Hagoromo]
Minato- Incredible, so that’s what happened. (Naruto I’m so glad that you are healed!)
Hagoromo- The powers I gave to Naruto and Sasuke do indeed have the power to re-seal my mother, though I wasn't expecting them to be used on her. However, my mother is not to be underestimated; they will need all the help which they can get.
[Hagoromo closes his Rinnegan momentarily and then widens them suddenly]
[Four beams of chakra are shown flowing into each of the Edo-Hokages’ bodies]

Page 12
[Minato’s arms are shown regenerating from the effects of the Omyouten]
[The cracks on each of the Hokage’s bodies begin to vanish as Hagoromo’s chakra re-vitalizes their bodies]
Hashirama- This power feels incredible.
Tobirama- This chakra has restored us even past the power which we possessed in life.
Hiruzen- Amazing…!
Minato- {looks at his new arms in amazement} Thank you Hagoromo-san, for helping both my son and I.

Page 13
Hagoromo- {smiles} There’s no need to thank me Namikaze Minato. Now I will aide you in accessing my mother’s dimension.
[Hagoromo’s staff begins to spin rapidly while the red Rinnegan marking on his forehead is shown glowing]
[The rotating staff begins to form what looks like a circular black portal]
Tobirama- Fourth as soon as we enter the other dimension, be ready to teleport.

Page 14
Minato- I understand Lord Second!
*Panel shows Minato thinking of the FTG kunai he gave to Kakashi when they were fighting against Juubi Jinchuuriki Madara*

[All the Hokage are shown disappearing through the portal created by Hagoromo]
[Scene switches back to Sasuke in the core dimension]

Page 15
Obito- Now we can leave immediately. I was able to mark the Ice Dimension previously, making it easier to locate from here.
[Obito is shown widening both of his MS as the swirl of Kamui opens up a portal. Naruto and Kaguya can be seen in the distance]
Kaguya- (That boy. He tricked me. He specifically led me to believe that the one with the Gudou-Damas was the original making me let down my guard.)
[Kaguya and Naruto both sense the opening of the space-time rift and look over]
Naruto- {grins} Heh. Took you long enough, Sasuke.

Page 16
Kaguya- [shocked] Impossible, how was he able to return here.
[Obito, Sakura and Sasuke all land in the Ice Dimension and are joined by Naruto and Kakashi]
BZ- {looks at Obito} I should have known, even on the verge of death, you are still causing problems, Obito. Mother we must be careful. One wrong move and everything we’ve worked for will be lost.
Naruto- Are you ready to finish this Sasuke?
Sasuke- Hmph! Of course!

Page 17
????- Don’t forget about us!!
Naruto- [surprised] Eh!?
[The four Edo-Hokages are shown having appeared right behind Naruto and Sasuke using the seal marking on the kunai given to Kakashi]
Naruto- {smiles even wider} Now we can finish this together!!

Naruto and Sasuke are reunited and are joined by the Hokages!! Will Kaguya be sealed!?

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Naruto manga chapter 686: Return to the fold!!!

Sakura and Obito have successfully managed to retrieve Sasuke from the alternate dimension Kaguya trapped him in. Now, they seek to rejoin Naruto and finish off the fight against the Rabbit Goddess! But meanwhile....

Hashirama: The Sage of Six Paths?!!

Hagoromo: Yes, that is correct. Like I said, I am the one who created Ninshuu.

Tobirama: Hmph. If that is true, you should be long dead. How are you before us like this if what you say has any truth to it?

Hagoromo: I am using my son's chakra as a gateway to this world. My son is the one responsible for the Uchiha clan, so naturally, his chakra would be ingrained within all of his ancestors. Also, I had another offspring who ended up creating the Senju clan, so really you are far down my list of grandchildren.

Minato: [Smiling] It's an honor to meet you! People always said you were a legend but you're here before us now.... hopefully you've come to impart some wisdom?

Hiruzen: Lord Fourth.... [Stern look]

Minato: [Smiling] Sorry, sorry. I'm just a little keyed up. My son might be in mortal danger, you know.

Hagoromo: [Smiling] It's quite alright. Besides, I understand how powerful the bond is before father and son which is why I've come to help you all. Normally, I wouldn't involve myself if current shinobi affairs, but my mother has seemingly broken free from her imprisonment.

Tobirama: Imprisonment?

Hagoromo: My mother, in the end, became the Juubi which hunted my brother and I down to track it's chakra which was passed down to us. Ultimately, we ended up defeating it and sealing my mother away in the moon. This came at the expense of my brother's life, though.

Hiruzen: I see, and so Madara, doing all that he did and acquiring all that he did, was the perfect catalyst for your mother's return?

Hagoromo: Correct. Now she is hell bent on absorbing the chakra from all the other human beings on Earth. She'll stop at nothing until all is returned to her.

Minato: How do we stop her?

Hagoromo: Don't worry, I've already passed that knowledge down to Naruto and Sasuke. All they have to do is carry out the steps and she will be no more.

Tobirama: Counting on that Uchiha brat is no good. All of their lineage is straight rotten to the core. You should know that if you've been watching over this world like you say.

Hashirama: Brother!!!

Hagoromo: No... what he says is not entirely a lie. The Uchiha have a spark in their motor that causes them to be a little... off sometimes. And that is why it is important we end this drama now with my mother.

Hiruzen: Why the urgency to attend to this matter when bigger issues clearly lie. Honestly, shouldn't the focus be on stopping the Infinite Tsukiyomi.

Hagoromo: By defeating my mother, the Infinite Tsukiyomi will end as it did when my brother and I beat her.

Tobirama: But you and your brother where direct offspring of your mother making you many times stronger than anybody we have now.

Hagoromo: True, but I trust in those two boys because they have one thing going for them that nobody else has got. Not even something my brother and I had.

Tobirama: And what is that exactly?!

Hagoromo: The alliance between the Senju and Uchiha clan. Now, enough chit-chat. I will heal you all and then we'll be on our way.

Minato: Where are we going?!

Hagoromo: We're going to go help Naruto and Sasuke of course. Oh, and you might wanna bring back Madara as well. We'll need him.

Hashirama: [Smiling] Yosh!!!

Alternate World

Sakura: S-Sasuke. I'm glad your alright.

Sasuke: Hmph. We have no time for catch-up. We most return back to Naruto. Obito, prepare your Kamui!

Obito: I can't! I'm almost completely out of chakra. Sakura, do you still have some left?

Sakura: Yes!!! [Wobbles and falls] [Gasping]

Obito: Sakura! You were lying weren't you. You're already out of chakra!

Sakura: I'm---I'm sorry Sasuke-kun!!!

Sasuke: Tch. There was no point in rescuing me if you didn't have enough energy to get us out of here!

Obito: It's the thought that counts isn't it.

Sasuke: Now's not the time to be making frivolous jokes!

Sakura: Sasuke-kun is right. We need a plan.

Obito: We can wait for our chakra to come back.

Sasuke: That would take to long... [thinking] [see's something] What is that?

Obito and Sakura: [looks at where he's looking]

Sasuke: That castle is always there, no matter what dimension Kaguya pulls us into.

Sakura: You're right! Perhaps there's a clue to escaping this place there!

Sasuke: Hmph. Let's go. And be quick about it. We most return to the fold if humanity wants to continue on.

At another place

Naruto: [Flying] [Hits ground] Gah! She figured out that I'm the real me!

Black Zetsu: It wasn't hard. Those balls behind your back gave you away.

Naruto: Heh, no matter. You still can't beat me!

Black Zetsu: Hey, hey, hey. Aren't you getting a little too cocky?

Naruto: Hmph! No way! I got this! Bring it!

Kakashi: Naruto, I'll help!

Naruto: No! You stay back sensei. It's too dangerous.

Kakashi: N-Naruto....

Black Zetsu: It's time we show him your true power, mother.

Kaguya: . . . . [Focus in on her Byakugan] [Suddenly, a chakra shield is dispersed from her body, instantly covering Naruto and Kakashi]

Naruto: I- I can't move!?

Black Zetsu: We didn't use this technique because of the waste of chakra, but it's about time we end this don't you think? First thing's first though.

Kaguya: [Shoots a bone at Kakashi]

Kakashi: Shit. I can't move either!!! She must've used that burst of chakra to influence our own Tenketsu and halt our movements!

Naruto: NOOOOOOO! Kakashi-sama! Hurry, Kurama, I need help! Tell all the Bijuu to give me some chakra! I can't summon any of my regular sum!

Kurama: All right! Let's go you all!

All the Bijuu: Right!!! Take what you need, Naruto-sama!

Naruto: [Woosh] Woah! This chakra! Hmmm..... hiya!

Everything seems to slow, even Kaguya and Black Zetsu. The shot bone is merely centimeters away from Kakashi's face when Naruto appears next to him, pushing him out of the way and deflecting the bone. As he clutches on to his master, he whisks away again to hide.

Kaguya: [Time restarts] ?!!! [The bone flies past here cheek, cutting it showing blue blood]

Black Zetsu: Mother, are you all right?

Kaguya: It seems he managed to escape.

Black Zetsu: Yes... how peculiar. I was certain we had both. Oh well, he can't hide for long. This is your world mother. Let's find them and slaughter them shall we.

Kaguya: . . . . [Opens up hundreds of portals and blitzes into each and everyone searching for Naruto]

Kakashi: Huh?!! Where are we? [Looks around] [Sees Naruto crouched, peeking around a corner] [Shocked] N-Naruto!!!

Naruto: Hmm? Oh, hey Kakashi sensei. Pretty close one right?!

Kakashi: That's not all! Your chakra cloak--- it's different!

Naruto: Eh?! [Looks down at himself] [Jacket is longer and thicker with small horns protruding from his head] Woah. Kurama, what the hell happened? [His transformation times out]

Kurama: I think that was from you merging all of the Bijuu's chakra together for a moment!

Naruto: Wait! I get a new form if I do that?

Kurama: [Sighing] Apparently, idiot! It seems mixing the Bijuu's chakra gave you something like a Juubi cloak. It only seems right that mixing our energy gives you something on the ten tails level.

Naruto: Well, it was quick enough for me to save Kakashi-sama so it must be better than this form I have now. Is there anyway I can use it again?!!

Kurama: The logical thing to do would be to merge all of our chakra into one, but this time using your sage mode, perhaps.

Naruto: All right then! I'll do that! Kakashi, can you provide me some back-up?!!

Kakashi: [Sweating] Yeah, I'll do my best!

Naruto: Right! Let's go! [Enter sage mode]

Son Goku: Naruto, be careful. You don't have our complete chakra since we're not literally inside you. We only ended up giving you a portion of our power. This mode might not last long!

Naruto: Yeah, thanks for head-up, Son!!!

Kaguya: [Going through different portals] [Spots Kakashi] Found them.

Black Zetsu: Goooood. Now let's go wipe out these maggots.

Kaguya: [Enters where they're at]

Kakashi: [Shocked] Shit! You already discovered our hiding spot, eh?

Kaguya: . . . . [Prepares bones]

Black Zetsu: Now, prepare to meet in the other world!

Kakashi: [Looks behind him] I have to try and protect Naruto!

Black Zetsu: DIE!!!!!!!

Kakashi: [Prepares a jutsu]

As the bones get nearer and nearer to Kakashi, a sudden force knocks them all away causing Kaguya to fly around, dodging them. After moving to the right to avoid one of them, Naruto appears in his new form above her with a new Rasengan.

Black Zetsu: Mother! Above you!

Kaguya: [Teleports far away]

Black Zetsu: Shit. That was close.... ?!!!!!!!!!

Naruto: It was. Too close to Kakashi-sensei for my comfort. But now where far away.

Black Zetsu: He managed to follow us?! But we traveled miles away!?

Naruto: Bijuudama!!!

Naruto's new power unveiled!!

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Sakura, Sasuke and Obito prepares to go back to the Ice world where Naruto is.
Suddenly Obito's health falters and he coughs out blood and fells unconscious.
Sakura checks and realizes that Obito can die anytime and doesn't have enough chakra to transport them back.
Sakura explains everything to Sasuke. Sasuke notices the mark on Obito's chest placed by Naruto.
Naruto and his clones fight against Kaguya and as the time passes the clones are reduced in numbers.
After many clashes, Kaguya notices that Obito and Sakura aren't seen anywhere but only Kakashi and realizes that those two must have managed to enter into the core dimension along with Naruto's clone.
In front of Naruto, BZ suggests Kaguya to go back and finish Sakura and Obito and then sasuke as well. Naruto worries.
Kaguya creates distance between herself and Naruto and returns back. Kaguya returns to the core dimension to search for Obito and Sakura. They notices the reaction happened on the sand because of the acid as well as blood. But they sense nothing. Kaguya then goes to "The sea of Acid" region and senses nothing.
She goes to the other dimension (which is not yet shown) But finds nothing.
She goes to the desert and finds Sakura's jacket.
In the ice world, a portal opens leaving Naruto and Kakashi shocked.
Kaguya returns back to the ice world and finds Obito and Sakura next to Kakashi and Naruto.
Naruto is shown smiling looking Kaguya's face.
Naruto makes another attempt and attacks Kaguya.
Obito thanks Sasuke in mind for the help and focuses on the battle between Naruto and Kaguya.
Obito chest is shown where the mark placed by Naruto has been overlapped by Sasuke's mark thus saving Obito from death.
Obito even already prepared to die now wants to live because of Sasuke's words.
As Naruto is about to make a blow on Kaguya he prepares the mark on his hand to place on Kaguya.
BZ laughs saying it's futile since he needs Sasuke to perform the sealing process. On which Naruto smirks.
Obito prepares his left Kamui and opens a portal behind Kaguya.
A hand emerges out of the portal having the other half of the seal.
Sasuke emerges out from the Kamui dimension behind Kaguya and is about to place his hand on Kaguya.
Kaguya and BZ shocks at Sasuke's sudden appearance and moves a little cross to dodge the seal. But both Naruto and Sasuke places their hands on Kaguya.

The remaining part of the prediction but not in the same chapter.
But the sealing fails leaving Naruto and Sasuke shocked.
Then it is shown that Naruto and Sasuke's hand weren't placed face to face and were at a little offset.

In other words, Hagoromo gave Naruto and Sasuke a power up through the hand-marks which by placing on one another can stop death. and by placing facing each other can seal the person.

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Naruto Manga 686: "Together"


Sasuke is shown smirking at Sakura, as Obito watches them.

Sakura: "Sasuke...kun..."
Sasuke: "Yes... You did well, Sakura."
Obito: "This feels... nostalgic... right..."


The Ice Dimension is shown, as Kakashi watches on as Naruto's clones are struggling against Kaguya.

Obito: (Thinking) "Rin!!"
Kakashi: (Thinking) "Obito... you have to be fast!"
Naruto: "More, more..."

Naruto makes a hand sign for more Shadow Clones.


Naruto creates at least 50 more clones as he attacks Kaguya once again.

Black Zetsu: "Your attempts are futile, you should know that..."
Naruto: "I don't care, take this!"

Kaguya blocks all of Naruto's clones' attacks.


Kaguya: "Your clones... can distract anyone... but you can't trick my Byakugan!"

Close-up on Kaguya's face is shown with her Byakugan activated, as Naruto's clone looks in surprise.

"Karamatsu no Mai!"
Naruto: "Shit!"

Many bones come out of Kaguya's body, impaling Naruto's clones.


Kaguya: "Now do you understand?"
Naruto: (Thinking) "Damn, calm down... First, that bone attack that she used to kill my clone in her dimension... and now this. She's definitely using Kimimaro's abilities! In that case... I'll just have to keep avoiding her attacks, until Sasuke and the others are back. I can't let her go to the other dimension!"

Naruto creates more Shadow Clones.


Kakashi: (Thinking) "Again? Why does he keep using his clones, even though he knows that at the moment, they're just a waste of chakra..."
Kaguya: "Naruto Uzumaki... You are so persistent."
Black Zetsu: "Mother, he's not coming after us this time... So he's on the defensive now, we have to wipe out all of his clones at once!"
Kaguya: "I agree... Sawarabi no Mai!"

Kaguya puts her arms on the ground.


The whole page shows giant bones coming out from the ground, as Naruto looks in surprise.

"What the-?!"


Naruto and his clones are shown flying upwards as fast as they can, as the bones are growing even more.

Kaguya: "There's no escape!"
Naruto: "Damn it, Kurama!"

Naruto is shown in one dimension with all of the Tailed Beasts, as Kurama is gathering chakra.


Kurama: "Crush them, Naruto! I'm ready!"
Naruto: "About time! I'll need help from you too, guys!

All of the Tailed Beasts are shown smirking, as Naruto is shown in the centre.

PAGE 10:

Black Zetsu: "What's going on?!"
Kaguya: "Hagoromo's pets..."

Both Naruto and his clones are shown with giant Rasenshurikens, each holding a Rasenshuriken of a different element (Lava, Water, Magnet, Fire, Boil, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Acid and TBB Rasenshuriken).

PAGE 11:

Kakashi: "That's... amazing!"
Naruto: "Yooosh, take this!"

The Naruto army throws the Rasenshurikens at the bones, as a giant blast is shown.

PAGE 12:

Scene switches to Sasuke who's holding Sakura, as Obito is still kneeling before them.

Sasuke: "Obito, thank you for helping me and Naruto. I understand now, he was right for you."
Obito: "You don't need to thank me... This is my duty, for throwing the world at war and causing all this... Though I'm afraid that I don't have any power left... I'll bring you back and-"
Sasuke: "No..."

PAGE 13:

Sasuke puts his left arm on Obito's shoulder.

Obito: "!!"
Sasuke: "You're going nowhere... Obito Uchiha!"
Obito: (Thinking) "My whole body... It's...!!"

PAGE 14:

Sasuke: "I recreated your body from the inside. That way you'll avoid the consequences of having the Juubi extracted from you. It looks like you've already been healed by Naruto's Yang Release, so we don't need him to do it again."
Obito: "Sasuke... I'm the one who should thank you..."
Sasuke: "Heh, you can do it after we seal Kaguya. You can use my chakra now, get us out of here!"

PAGE 15:

They are both shown smirking, as Sakura is watching at Sasuke and smiling. Scene switches to Naruto and Kaguya.

Naruto: "Heh, thanks guys!"
Black Zetsu: "Mother, there is no other way... Kill him once and for all!"
Kaguya: "That's enough..."

Black Zetsu is shown separating from Kaguya's body.

PAGE 16:

Naruto: "!!"

Kaguya opens a portal to her dimension and enters it.

Naruto: "No, come back here! What?!"

Kaguya appears behind Naruto and grabs his back.

PAGE 17:

Kaguya: "Gudoudamas... As I thought, you're the real one!"

Black Zetsu is shown charging at Naruto as he prepares to kill him, but giant Susanoo swords appears and bisects him.

Black Zetsu: "No... not... you...!"

Kaguya and Naruto are absorbed in the Kamui dimension.

Chapter 686/END

PAGE 18:

Sasuke lands with his Perfect Susanoo with Sakura and Obito in its head, as the real Naruto floats around them.

Naruto: "Just on time, guys!"
Sasuke: "Did you forget, Naruto? We're doing this together!"

Team 7 is shown smiling, as Kaguya appears from her dimension.

Kaguya: "Another clone, huh..."

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