Naruto Chapter 691: New jinchuuriki

World have been save from evil hands

Hagoromo: You've finally done it Naruto, Sasuke with the help of your friends you saved this world from Kaguya.

Sasuke: ... Thinking

Naruto: Yes finally I can leave this place...

Hagoromo: No With a squinting eye look

Page 2:

Naruto: What do you mean.



Sasuke: Infinite tsukuyomi is still active

Page 3:

Naruto: Now that you say it nobody is around...
Cam.Zooms out in naruto's area
Naruto: But I though when we beat Kaguya they be set free.

Naruto remembering something

Naruto: it can't be could it be they turned into zetsus?
Cam zooms on random person caught

Virtal strings starts to sink into the skin turning them the arm white.

Page 4:

Sasuke: when I sence Kaguya charka I was correct it was being draw from the people and since she keeping them alive with charka It only makes them weaker.

Hagoromo: Yes correct the only way to stop this infinite tsukuyomi is to revive Madara Uchiha before he dies.

Hagoromo: he was the one to cast it but with his current charka it won't be enough so Sasuke you will have assist.

Sasuke: how to revive Madara?

Page 5:

Hashirama: he will have to become a new jinchuuriki

Hashirama: Is it safe to let him do that knowing Madara he might try going on another rampage.

Naruto: jinchuuriki of what bjiuu I rather just let the bjiuus free this a big open world its better to leave them on the outside.

Hagoromo smirks

Page 6:

Naruto: But besides that I need to reunite kurama both half's into one again.

Kurama (yin):

Kurama: (Yang): 0_0

Page 7:

Naruto: if they was fused again they will become a unstoppable force.

Hagoromo: I'm going to use my method and and use branch of shinju and place it on Madara if I'm correct if Sasuke uses the rinnegan to let Madara absorb it.

Hagoromo: it should be enough to revive him and less of a threat.

Page 8:

Head floating in the sky

???: I won't let that human women control me.

The beast stares at Naruto group





Page 9:

Sasuke: No it can't be it feel like Kaguya chakra.

Naruto: Look up there!!!!!!!!

Kakashi: What the hell is that.

Page 10:

???: They noticed...

???: I won't let nobody stop me this time.

Hagoromo: What the Juubi?

Hagoromo: it looks like the same Juubi me and my brother fought back then.

Page 11:

Hagoromo I put of the stone tablet and taught the bjiuus.

Hagoromo: That thing almost destroyed this world if it wasn't for my brother nothing now would have existed.

Naruto: what serious... Sasuke

Naruto: Whhhhhaaattt ggooonnneee!!!!!

Page 12:

Sasuke charging at the beast with susanoo

As the both get closer Sasuke cuts though the beast

???: like that will work I'm pure charka ...

???: At least at the moment.

Page 13:

Hashirama activates senjustu

Hashirama: Wood style: dragon wood justu.

Hashiramas dragon charges at the beast

Page 14:

Hagoromo: sealing this won't work you have to beat it somehow .

Naruto: I'll attack it

Naruto enters Senjustu mode

Page 15:

Hashirama: ...

Naruto: its gone where it go

???: hahahhahahaha...

Page 16:

Tobirama: There!!!

Minato: dam I have no arms

???: I'll bee taking my prize now that i reached my goal

The beast head enters Madara body What will happen to Naruto group.

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Naruto 691 Predictions "Release:Infinite Tsukoyomi!"

Authors note: What's behind Hagoromo's smile?

Kakashi:(So this is the Sage of the Six Paths?!!)

Hashirama:Well Done!Naruto,Sasuke Kakashi and Sakura!


Hiruzen:(This generation,Is strong enough to seal a GOD away huh?),Well Done Team 7!

Naruto: HEH???? Madara is there!!!!Don't let down your guard everyone!!

Sage(smiles):Don't worry Naruto!,He's very weak right now,Besides his plan was succeeded,His intentions may have been changed....Madara Wake UP!!!!

Madara Opens his eyes...

Madara:W...Where am I???

Madara gets up on his elbows....With pain surging throughout his body,he fell down again...

Sage:Have a little rest Madara,You have to Release the Infinite Tsukoyomi...Gather a little Chkra won't you?

Minato:But I thought that anyone with the Rinnegan can Undo it.....

Sage:Indeed,But it costs the Casters.......LIFE..

Everybody except Hagoromo is stunned....


Hagoromo:You don't have to do this...It may kill you Hamura!

Hamura:I have to,I have to stop the Mugen Tsukoyomi...

Hagoromo:If this is how it is then let me do it!

Hamura:No Nii-san,You have a Massive Power inside of you!Besides,I'm no match for you!

Hagoromo:Noo! You and Me Promised to bring peace to this world!!

Hamura:Promise have to be broken sometimes,for the Sake of Humanity,I've got to stop Mugen Tsukoyomi...
that my mother started....I'll meet you in afterlife.....GOODBYE NII-SAN!

Hagoromo(tears streaming down):Goodbye! Hamura Otsutsuki!


Madara gets up....

Hagoromo:Madara! Do you know it costs your life...

Madara:Yes,I now realized what I did was not for peace,It led Humanity to an end,I thought they'll sleep for eternity and see their respective dreams,but now I realized that what I did was wrong....I'm gonna correct my mistake...

Naruto(smirks):(So,every bad guy is a good one from the inside..)

Sasuke:You should! Don't you realize how many lives you took....just for a "Failed Plan?"

Sakura:I'm with you Sasuke.....


Madara remains quiet and a calm composure...

Madara:Here,I'm performing the seals[Performs seals]....

Suddenly,a beacon of red light glows over Madara and Scatters around the whole area...

Madara:Sasukee Uchiha,I'm a man of my words,I've revived every single one who died because of this war,.Also I've ended the Infinite Tsukoyomi....What do you think about me now...


Madara: And Naruto Uzumaki,You are the greatest Shinobi the whole Ninja World has seen yet,you are worthy to be respected by everyone....

Naruto(smiles):Madara! you may be bad but I like people like you!!!

Madara(Smiles):Hashirama!I'll be waiting for you....

Suddenly the light disappears and after a minute,the whole world is shown to be free from Infinite Tsukoyomi,The Ninja who died...Are revived including Neji Hyuuga...

Sasuke(He was really an awesome guy...)

Kakashi:I know what are you thinking Sasuke! I'm also thinking the same.....


Sage:Kage's,You'll have to wait here for some time,Let all the Shinobi Gather here...


Naruto:Okay,I believe this is the end!!!

Authors Note:The war has finally ended....


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Naruto 691: They all die

sasuke: its madara kill him!

sasuke: die!

*madara stabbed and died!*

hashirama: heY! you could've given him a chance to release the tsukuyomi,

sasuke: hmph, shutup hokage, die.

*sasuke uses amaterasu*

Hashirama: Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

*hashirama dies.*

Tobirama: Idiot UCHIHA!!! You dare kill my brother, *SUITON!*

*tobirama uses water style on sasuke*

Sasuke: Mediocre attack, pathetic..

Sasuke: fear my susanoo.

*activate susanoo and blitz tobirama*

tobirama: no, forgive me lord.

*tobirama deceased*

Naruto: SASUAKE, What are you doing, stop this madness.

SAsuke: i waited for the right moment to kill you all so i can control the tsukuyomi and become the new leader!

Naruto: Grrr..............

Sakura: sasuke-kun please dont!

Sasuke: ShutuP! *blitz slash PS kills sakura*

Sasuke: Your turn, Hiruzen and Minato.

Minato: No, dont! FTG SLASH!

*sasuke gets sliced in half*

Sasuke: What! No, impossible.......................................

Naruto: SASUKE!!!!

*sasukes body is on the ground, dead*.

Hagoromo: Mwhaaah, so my new powers have made sasukes soul darker and evil, but it shall move on to you, Naruto!

Naruto: UGH,,,, my body, possessed!!

Minato: naruto, whats going on!?

Naruto: die father!

*naruto uses black orbs to destroy Hiruzen and Minato completely from existance*


Hagoromo: Good Job Naruto, now you take over the world.

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Naruto Prediction 691 - What the tailed beast have yet to say to naruto

Hagoromo: Time to release this Infinite Tsukiyomi
[Hagoromo performs hands seals, all shinos get dropped to the floor along with the shinju tree]
Minato: Unbelievable even in death he can do such things like this.
Tobirama: What about madara? Surely he will survive this right?
Hagoromo (Lifts his left hand): Yes he will, "soul replace"
Kakashi:?!! "What is happening, wasnt he meant to finish him off??"

[The shinju tree and it's branches are gone.the shinobi lay on ground with Rinnegan eyes remaining]
[Madara's body starts shining violently and turns in to hagoromo]
[Sasuke uses his rinnegan to come behind him and attempts to punch him]
Hagoromo: Do you really think something like that can hurt me?
Sasuke: Shit!!
[Hagoromo forms the ‎Sword of Nunoboko and cuts his left arm off]

Sasuke (Screams in pain): Narutoooo, help mee
Hagoromo: Stop please
Hagoromo:"i'm better of freezing this dimension"
[Hagoromo forms hands, everyone unable to move and the kages vanish]
Naruto: You bastard, you used us in order for yourself to get back but why?
Hagoromo: Very well then, i shall tell you what the history is and my reasons of comming back.

[Hagoromo sits back down, whilst everyone is unable to move]
Hagoromo: This technique suppresses you all from using any technique, this technique is based on limbo which madara used. It also drains your chakra too Indra and Ashura.
sasuke: Why are you doing this?, Wasnt peace your goal too?
Naruto: I will kill you old man!
Kakashi: "If i use kamui on his face, i should be able to kill him"
[Kakashi uses kamui, hagoromo's face starts to bend but comes back to its orignal form]
Kakashi: How???

Hagoromo: Stop this nonsense, due to me you could stop kaguya but that is what i really wanted,you see i now have control over all of your chakras. This is Nunshu, by absorbing all hokages chakra i was able to pick up any traces of all of your chakras as you are the last of this shinobi world.
Naruto: Eh?
Sasuke: In other words, the jutsu he is using to suppress us is called ninshu, its something powerfull than limbo
Naruto: Kage bunshin no jutsu
[Naruto faints due to over using his chakra]

[In another dimesnion, showing all 9 tailed beasts and naruto]
Son goku: Good work Kurama now we can talk to him and let him know what we know of the sage
Shukaku: Didnt i tell you kurama that old man was evil and how you mocked me infront of all of them?
Kurama: Sorry shukakuk, it was my fault, if i had believed you from the start we could have put an end to this madness.
Shukaka: Naruto, the sage isnt the man who you think he is and you can still make everything right, listen to us carefully.

What dark secret has shukaku need to tell naruto?

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Kaguya is gone and The word is finally saved !

[Naruto and Sasuke look at each other with unbeliveable look]
Naruto(unbeliveable look): Is that really the end ?
Sasuke(hidding expression): Yeah it looks like that
[Kakashi smiles standing behind them as he watches their backs]
Kakashi: They really did it.
Sakura: Yes, we did it ! (wipe out tear from face)
[Hagoromo smiles then speaks]
Hagoromo: I am about to leave, just about last thing I will do.
Everyone: ?!
[The God Tree and it's branches are gone. However shinobi lay on ground with Rinnegan eyes intact]
[Konoha is shown]
[Kirigakure is shown]
[Sunagakure is shown]
[Iwagakure is shown]
[Kumogakure is shown]
[Previous Kages are looking with respect at Naruto and Sasuke then at everyone ]
First Kazekage: The sand village is safe, thank you
Second Kazekage: New generation bring more powerfull wind
Third Kazekage: I can feel possitive magnetism in both of you.
Fourth Kazekage: I am glad Gaara has such friend, Naruto.
First Mizukage: Mist village's future was never such clear as now.
Second Mizukage: We met each other one time, you are not the brightest
Third Mizukage: the blood shed will finally stop
Fourth Mizukage: I am glad you save world, especially you Naruto.
[ The Raikage lacking patience smash the ground in funny way]
First Raikage: The Cloud village is in good hands.
Second Raikage: I can't believe the peace may finally come.
Third Raikage: You are strong boys, I leave world in your hands.
First Tsuchikage: The rock village is in good hands, your will is hard as steel.
Second Tsuchikage: The World really has changed a lot.
[Sequence of Hagoromo performing handseals ]
Hagoromo(focused): Break of Spiritual World !
[The powerfull shockwave spread from Hagoromo as he keep last seal intact]
[The mystical weave pass through their bodies keep spreading]
[The Rinnegan pattern in eyes fade away as shinobi begin to move their bodies while laying on ground.]
Shinobi: ugh, where am I ? (scratches his forehead)
Shinobi: was it dream ?
[Many other shinobi are shown waking up at battlefield]
[Konoha village]
[Kirigakure is shown]
[Sunagakure is shown]
[Iwagakure is shown]
[Kumogakure is shown]
[People are shown waking up everywhere. ]
Iruka(getting up): I am so sleepy... (yawn)
Konohamaru(smiles): Where is my hokage's hat
Hanabi: You was dreaming, I just wake up.
[Tailed beasts are shown approaching Hagoromo, as Edo Hokage give their speeches]
Hashirama: I never loose belief in you boys. The shinobi's plea finally reached, only[Madara shown]
Tobirama(smirks): You have potential to change the world, so don't waste it
Hiruzen: I am glad I assigned this team to you, Kakashi.
Kakashi(eye in U shape): We really are close, you know.
Minato(half happy/sad): Excellent work like father like son. Where is Obito although ?
Naruto/Sakura: ?!
Madara: *So Obito is dead... I will keep pretending to be dead for now.*
Kakashi: He and I are one now. Obito's chakra and soul is still with me.
[The Hokage smile as Hagoromo release his handseal]
Hagoromo(smiles): It is done.
[Tailed beasts come around Hagoromo]
Shukaku: I am sorry for bringing destruction, looks like I didn't give people chance.
Matabi: It was sad living without you
Isobu: You have got old, Father. I have done wrong things, but finally we are together.
Son Goku: It seems the prophecy you foretold become reality, Father.
Kokuo: We gave up to cycle hate of the world, I am sorry for that.
Saiken: Long Time no see, Father
Chomei: It is great to see you again
Gyuuki: I have tried to follow your path, Father, But I failed. My jinchurki died
Yang Kurama: I was filled with so much hate to the world....,Thanks for arriving, Father.
Yin Kurama(inside Naruto): I spent a lot of time in belly of death God, Finally we are again together
Hagoromo: I have missed you a lot my friends.
Hagoromo: It is time to bring your both halves back together, Kurama.
[Hagoromo point at Naruto who willingly come to Hagoromo's side]
Hagoromo(focused): You may feel pain a bit, but you won't die. (put hand inside Naruto stomach)
Everyone: ?!
Hagoromo: Ok, I begin Extraction ! Hagoromo pull his hand backwards pulling chakra.
Naruto(in pain): argh..., my body. (watches Yin Kurama leaving his body)
Yin Kurama: (breath) I can feel again fresh air, what a pleasant surprise
Hagormo: You have endured well, Naruto. Now let's see how kurama will handle it
[Yang Kurama/Yin Kurama: Ready, do it, father !
Hagoromo: Ok, here I go.
[Yang Kurama lay hand on Hagoromo's yang marked hand while Yin Kurama on yin marked hand]
Hagoromo: Yin-Yang Fusion !
Yang Kurama: ngh... (glows bright white )
Yin Kurama: argh... (glows dark black)
[They are pulled towards each other as their's bodies finally fuse together]
Kurama(smirking): Now I feel much better, thanks father.
[Current Hokages are shown getting up on their feet as the sun rises behind them]
Tsunade: The genjutsu it stopped ?
Mei: My body ?!, it is normal... oh
A: Someone broke this cursed Genjutsu, finally.
Onooki: It seems there is new begining for the world, for us...
Gaara: Naruto has done it, I know it.
[Orochimaru, Taka are shown looking around]
Orochimaru: It seems everything stopped...
Suigetsu: Finally the monsters killed each other.
[Karin adjust her glasses as she try to act professional]
Karin: It was Sasuke for sure who broke this damn genjutsu, he did it for me.
Suigetsu: haha, I doubt Sauske has thought about you even once.
[Karin attack Suigetsu hitting him in face make water splashing on Orochimaru's face]
Orochimaru: *They are so annoying...What about your wind, Sasuke*
[Shots on generals getting up and looking surprised]
[Konoha 11 is shown getting up as well]
Kiba: Damn that Madara... too bad he escaped before I could kick his ass.
Shino: You are weak, everyone know that you would get your ass kicked
Kiba(angry): What did you say Shino ?!
Hinata(calm): Calm down guys. Kiba you are not weak... *Naruto's kun, thank you*
Chouji: He really did it, that Naruto
Ino: heh, to think we were once rookies. Naruto and Sasuke-kun are amazing.
Shikamaru: I am ready to become your advisor, Naruto Uzumaki Sixth Hokage.
[Panel shift back to Naruto and Sasuke standing in front of Hagoromo as they hear people]
Naruto: Everyone is back to sense
Sasuke: it seems so. *I didn't forget my aim..., but it is not right time.*
[Current five kage arrive on the scene ]
Tsunade: All Kages !
Gaara: even previous one...
[The Kages exchange short dialogs then previous Kages's spirit disappear]
Hagoromo: It is the time, Previous Hokage I will release you know
Edo Hokage: we are ready !
[Stream of light hit them from sky make their fake bodies crumble]
[Shot on all Hokages shedding tear as their's spirit disappear]
Naruto: Farewell, Father and all of you Great Hokage.
Madara: *It seems they retained their previous power, I have to wait more...*
Hagoromo: Live long Naruto, Sasuke.
Hagoromo: Farewell my children..., I love you. Until next time.
[Hagoromo's spirit fades away from the world.]
Naruto: ?! I wonder what's purpouse of Zetsu army Kaguya wanted
Sasuke: ?! *Shit, we forgot to ask about it Hagoromo*
[someone Flying Through the space. The look reminds spirit/ghost/chakra form]
[Close up on Mysterious dietys red glowing eyes and smirks ]
Jashin: Kaguya is finally beaten, All I need know is human body.
[Close up on Madara laying on ground thinking about plan]
Madara: *Now I know about Uchiha being fooled. I want to rule this World... but I don't have anymore such great power as Juubi, what can I do*
Jashin: Then I will regain my power. The World will be mine !

Side text: Kaguya's need for army is revealed. Mysterious powerfull person approaches Naruto's World from Space !

find out on next Naruto Space Ninja Era chapter

692 - The Jashin is back!


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Naruto 691 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

Naruto 691 spoilers!!! NARUTO 691 Predictions&Discussions!!!
Naruto 690 has been released now!!! Enjoy the new chapter!

Anyway's let's talk about this chapter.

The chapter begins with Kaguya thinking back on her life just as she is being sealed again, I find it rather odd how Sakura is exempt from some panels that show team 7 fighting Kaguya but no matter.

Where is Sakura?
I'm pretty sure that it's the sage who uses Chibaku tensei though it's not explicitly stated, this goes back to Tobi's story early on about how powerful the sage was and how he managed to create the moon to imprison the body of the Jyuubi, little did we know at the time that he was creating a prison for his mother.

Probably the height of Naruto's story, before it went downhill.
As Kaguya is being sealed we see the Sage prepare to summon back team 7, I thought that the Sage and the Edo Hokages would end up fighting Kaguya but it seems Kishi had other plans for his manga.

We also see all the Bijuu released from Kaguya and Kurama is complimented on his Jinchuriki. Before Kaguya is fully sealed though there are 2 more issues that need to be settled, Madara who is spat out by Kaguya and Betzu who intends to return after reviving his mother for a second time but Naruto stops that plan as well.

For all the jokes about Naruto's intelligence in the end he is the only one who remembers that Zetsu started all this crap and he takes the correct steps to stop it from ever happening again.

And I thought "new moon" was just a title for a twilight book.
Of course Kishi must balance anything smart Naruto does by having him act equally dumb later on and of course he does that now. Before he can make too much fun of him thought we see the Sage along with a lot of previous Kages work together to rescue everyone and bring them back to the real dimension.

It seems the manga is over now, with the Sage congratulating everyone for saving the world, Madara is around but I think he will either die soon or have some sort of change of heart, I highly doubt Kishi will make him a villian again.

It seems like a lot of clues have ended up unused so far, Naruto's secret technique, The importance of the Akatsuki rings, Tenten and the tools of the sage, but oh well.


A very "end of story" kind of chapter which wraps up the Kaguya fight a bit too fast for my taste, personally I found her to be rather bland and boring and lacking any sort of personality. 
It was an interesting chapter but for a long time now I felt like Naruto had no risks or danger involved in it and that was proven as even in the end the only people who died in this entire war are Obito and neji, making for a war you could say.
What do I think will happen now? hmm, I am not sure if we will get a Naruto vs Sasuke fight, I think Kishi will want to end the manga by chapter 700 and he might not have time to give us a proper fight, I hope he doesn't give us a fight that lasts 1-2 panels and that's it, manga is over.
What are your thoughts for Naruto and where do you expect the story to go now? Did you like this chapter? I felt it was a...lackluster ending but hey Madara is still around so who knows? for now I give 690 a 2.5 out of 5.

What do you think about  naruto chapter 690? 

Naruto 690 Spoiler Trivia: As Kakashi noted, the members of original Team 7 share group dynamics similar to that of himself and his team-mates when he was a member of Team Minato. Even Team 7′s photograph is nearly identical to Team Minato’s photo.

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