Naruto 697 - Shattering heavens

The new Gods of Shinobi World arise !

[Tailed beast rasenshuriken and giant wind release rasenshuriken hurl towards charged sparking arrow]
[Cross panel show both Naruto and Sasuke putting up their hands getting ready for dangerous impact]
Naruto(shield himself): I will stop you, Sasuke !
Sasuke(shield himself): Die !
[Clash of Naruto and Sasuke's attacks forms glowing sphere of chains of lightining sparking around]
Naruto(worried):*I have to withstand it* (the light spread on his face blinding him)
Sasuke(worried): *This light, damn it* (the light spreads on his face blinding him)
[Glowing sphere spreads instantly as the blast of winds erupts violently around. Scene changes]
Hagoromo: ?!
Kakashi(worried): (spots reflecting shadow on ground)
Hagoromo(looking up): Kakashi, get ready for impact ! (shouts)
[Far away view show The explosion reaching almost ground as the blast finally goes off ]
[The explosion goes off in the sky as everything is illuminated by intense light]
[The light fades away revealing shattered/ripped clouds]
[The after effects stay on the sky in form of sparking intense lightinings]
[The panel shows blowing winds around as they calm down slowly]
[The cross panel on two opposite clouds of Smoke shrouding partially uncovered Naruto and Sasuke]
Naruto: It was close... (Half of face is visible as wind blow his hair to left side)
Sasuke: Curse you, Naruto (Half of face is visible as wind blow his hair to right side)
[The clouds of smoke get fully blown away revealing damaged Naruto's chakra avatar and Sasuke's Susanoo]
Sasuke: Tsk *How is that possible I took chakra from tailed beasts while Naruto's chakra should be runing out soon*
Naruto: As I thought, Even If I have less chakra with Tailed beasts cooperation I can match your forcefully taken chakra from Tailed beasts Sasuke. (smirks)
Sasuke: No matter what you will do, you will
[Cross panel of Naruto and Sasuke shouting towards each other]
Sasuke: Die !
Naruto(angry): Not die !
Naruto: ?! (Sasuke can be seen behind in his glowing sparking Susanoo)
[Sasuke thrust Sussano's sparking blade at Naruto's Kurama avatar back]
Sasuke: ?! (the blade is caught by three Kurama's chakra arms)
[Naruto turns around to face Sasuke as three goudama fly into Kurama's avatar free hands]
Sasuke(calm): Didn't you forget about someth ?! (another thrust of Sussano blade got caught)
Naruto(focused and angry): *I can mold more goudama now* Sasuke, I will stop you no matter what !
Sasuke(deadly look): No, you will die.
Naruto: (goudama shapes into sticks while three more goudama forms from nowhere)
Sasuke: I won't let you (blood flows from his eye as Naruto is about to swing goudama sticks at him)
Naruto: ?!
Sasuke: Amaterasu ! (widden his Tomoe Rinnegan eye)
[The black flames instantly appears on Kurama's chakra avatar trying to engulf it]
[Sasuke smirks in deadly way as Naruto waving goudama sticks in front of himself nullify them]
Naruto: Do not understimate me, Sasuke !
Sasuke: *Damn you, Naruto* Enton: Piercing blade !
Naruto: *Shit* (remaining black flames get solid as it penetrates into Kurama's chakra avatar )
[Naruto flies backwards fast as he got beyond Black flaming blade's range. The hole in Kurama is visible]
Naruto: This was close damn it... *Kurama, any idea how to deal with him...*
[The inner Naruto's place is shown with Kurama focused as it opens eyes]
Kurama: It's about time, Anyway You can not use your clones in that state...
Naruto(confused): Can you make it more clear ?
[Sasuke flies at full speed towards Naruto as he shoots mulitple Sparking arrows]
Sasuke: Your end is close, Naruto !
Naruto(scared voice): Oh shit ! *Kurama !*
Kurama: It was long time since we molded chakra together.
Naruto: You meant for all you tailed beasts to combine your powers
Kurama: Yes, something like that. the only one besides was Ashura. Here we go
Naruto: ?!
[Shot on Kurama bumping fist with Naruto as giants eight charka forms rise from water being everwhere]
[The giant eight chakra forms begin shape into each of Tailed beasts]
Shukaku: Time to kick some asses, furry ball ? (put fist above Naruto)
Matabi: It feel familliar (put fist above Naruto)
Isobu: Let's show him what we got (put fist above Naruto)
Son Goku: Time to finish this (put fist above Naruto)
Kokuo: Let's do that friends (put fist above Naruto)
Saiken: Someone will melt soon, hn (put fist above Naruto)
Chomei: Uchiha's luck ends here and now (put fist above Naruto)
Gyuuki: Show him what you got (put fist above Naruto)
Kurama(smirks): Finish that kid or I will take over and do it myself.
Naruto(serious and smiles): I won't fail you guys !
[The chakra stream shoot off from Bijuu hands engulfing Naruto into it as he is no longer visible]
[Naruto delfect all sparking arrows with his goudama sticks being swinged]
[Kurama's avatar begin to burst into mutliple chakra as it shapes]
Sasuke(surprised): *he still has hidden trick in his sleeve* ?!
[Kurama's avatar grows a bit as faces of Kurama change slightly showing Ashura's avatar]
Naruto: ?! *What a power, chakra ... It feels amazing*
Sasuke(serious): What is that form of yours Naruto ?!
Naruto(smiles): It is the my chakra blooming due to being mold with my friends chakra.
Sasuke: your friends ?!
Sasuke(evil smirk draws on his face): I Will show you how it should be done ! (forms handseal)
[The bigger amount is forced out of giant chunks behind Sasuke as he absorbs their chakra]
Naruto: ?! *This is....* (we can hear Tailed beasts roaring in pain)
Naruto(get much more serious): Leave them alone, Sasuke ! (flies at Him)
[Close up on Sasuke flying towards Ashura's avatar as the light inside Sussano is even stronger]
[Cross panel of Naruto and Sasuke flying towards each other]
Sasuke/Naruto: I will show you
[Ashura avatar and God Susanoo clash against each other in godly impact erupting]
Naruto/Sasuke: My power !
[Ashura's avatar goudama sticks are shown smashed and blocked by God Susanoo's blades]
Sasuke: Take this, Naruto Chidori Nagashi !
[Sasuke uses Powerfull sparks and lightining around him to amplify his use of Chidori Nagashi]
[Ashura avatar with Naruto inside get electrocuted as Naruto get blasted backwards]
Naruto: ARGH ! (shield himself with hands)
Sasuke: Die (Charges at Naruto using full speed as he shoots off Enton arrow)
Sasuke: Enton arrow ! (shoot it towards Naruto)
Naruto(smirks): *Why is he charging at me directly ?!* (begin to swing down goudama sticks )
Naruto(smirks disappear): ?!
[The side panel shows Sasuke appearing behind Naruto as Enton arrow heads towards him.]
Naruto: *There is only one way of it* Goudama sphere protection !
[Goudama shapes very fastly spreading and stretching itself around Naruto]
Sasuke: It will not save you ! (thrust enton covered sparking blades at Naruto)
[Goudama fully completes enclosing Naruto in sphere shield as Sasuke's attack and his arrow connect ]
[The goudama shakes as the sparking blast comes from one side and blade inigited with black flames penetrate it from other side.]
Sasuke: Finally got him ?! (Sasuke can not pull his Enton blade as a little blood flows from it )
Naruto: Goudama: Piercing sphere !
[Instantly outer surface of goudama shapes into spikes which spreads outside piericing through Susanoo ]
Sasuke: ?! (feel his skin being pierced slightly)
Sasuke: (looks at his wound deepen as black spikes streetch) GAH ?!
[Sasuke thrust his another Enton sparking blade into hole going even further]
Sasuke: Your days are counted, Naruto (watches blood flowing with smirk)
Sasuke: ?! (Feel firm grip on both of Enton blade) *I can not move them*
[The goudama burst splitting back into six orbs]
[Close up on Half of Naruto's mouth with his teeth clenched against each other]
Naruto: You went too far, Sasuke
Naruto: You went too far, Sasuke ! (swings goudama sticks at Sasuke shouting)
[Sasuke surprised by Naruto's furry get multi times slashed by goudama stick]
Sasuke: Argh ! (cough blood as Sussano is wavering)
[Naruto stops as they increase distance between them flying backwards]
Sasuke(schocked): *I can not believe it* (watches his bleeding wounds)...
Naruto(serious): Gah(caugh blood) (he keep his lung with hand as blood is around it)
[Sasuke got more and more angry as he eyes Naruto]
Sasuke: You WILL PAY FOR THAT Naruto ! (fly up along with CT)
Naruto(exausted): ?! *What is he up to...*
[Naruto is shown worried as he glares at freezing in air Sasuke ]
Sasuke: I wil take all their chakra at once ! (forms handseal)
[Suddenly incredible roar of pain is heard as giant amount of chakra come from them]
Kurama: Naruto !, This is very bad !
Naruto: I could draw more and more Senjutsu, but If my body fail to handle it...
[Insane amount of chakra is shown flowing into Sasuke who show madness on his face]
Kurama: You are not alone, we all Tailed beasts will combine our chakra with you, although You will have to endure most of it yourself as that Uchiha guy forces chakra out of us.
Naruto: Ok, I will draw how much nature energy possible I can.
[Close up on Sasuke's Susanoo glowing so intense that it can be confused with sun]
Sasuke: Now, you will regret for hurting me, Naruto
[The insane amount of nature energy is shown drawing towards Naruto ]
[The giant sparking Sussano arrow ignited with black flames with all natures fused]
Sasuke: Your future is death !, Sussano arrow: Chaos Destruction !
[Close up on Naruto's Giant TBB enveloped by nature elements glowing ]
Naruto: Tailed beasts bomb: Wrath of nature !
[Cross panel shows both attack shoot towards each other at full speed]
[The Ultimate Attacks hurl towards each other as they clash in glowing in multi colors as they begin to spread]
[The ground at whole planet is shaking as the massive violent blow of winds occur]
[Naruto's mapa World is shown as the blast spreads beyond Whole continent]
[The Tsunami erupts on water surface smashing everything]
Kakashi(worried): What is the limit of destrution caused by their attack colission.
Hagoromo: The shattering heavens ?! Kakashi fall on ground !
Hagoromo(gasping looking up): They surprassed my Post Jinchurki state ?!
[The last panel shows shows explosion wearing off as everything is burned, flatten with two big deep craters some distance from each other where smoke comes off]

Side text: They were going at each other with intent to kill. Pulling into each other power they pulled out the attack which shatter heavens, but Will they be alive ?

find out on next Naruto chapter

698 - The winner is...

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Naruto 697 Predictions

After Naruto threw Bijuudama Rasenshuriken at Sasuke....

Sasuke: Hey Naruto!

Naruto: What is it?

Sasuke: One is enough for me, I'll be a Dorito if I got hit by it

Naruto: You know what? I thought the same,You Emo Crybaby!

Sasuke: Hey Naruto! Enogh TnJ!! It is coming here!

Naruto: Whoops! It's too late, I don't think I can stop it..

Sasuke: So! WHAT NOW?

Naruto: Believe in Plot Holes Sasuke, Besides You won't die here, You are there in the last...

Sasuke: Yeah But!

Naruto: See you in the last Crybaby!

Sasuke: Noooooo!

Sasuke Vaporizes into nothing

Naruto: Huff! First I am gonna take a bath! I have't took a bathe from 2 years...

Suddenly Hagoromo comes to see him.

Sage: Hey you lazy ass Kakashi! Where's your speed?

Kakashi: Does it matter? I am gonna be Hokage in the Last...

Naruto: Hey! Bakashi! How do I release IT when Emo is dead?

Sage: Believe in Plot no Jutsu my son...


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Naruto 697 prediction - Naruto vs Sasuke

(The Rasen shuriken and arrow collide, a huge explosion occurs. Sasuke defends himself from the explosion; as he lowers his guard down once the explosion dissipates he notices a biju dama aimed at him.)
Sasuke: Naruto, that’s not going to be enough.
Naruto: I know sasuke.
Sasuke: (sasuke notices movement t behind and below him, he replies with shock on his face) you still had two more hidden!
Naruto: (before sasuke can react) biju dama! (The three biju dama head towards sasuke with lightning speed.)
(Sasuke is consumed by the biju dama’s, the earth shakes from the explosion. As the dust clears we se sasuke still floating there, however his susanoo is blown in half)
Sasuke: Naruto I thought you weren’t trying to kill me?
Naruto: you aren’t dead are you?
Sasuke: (sasuke grits his teeth and reconstitutes his susanoo) Come Naruto! (He charges towards Naruto)
(Sasuke punches Naruto in the gut, Naruto gasps, but manages to grab sasuke arm and throw him towards the ground. As he hits the ground narutos shadow clones hits him with a barrage of biju dama. When the smoke clears Sasuke is no longer there, he appears behind the two clones and slices their heads off)
Sasuke: So much for those (Said with a smile on his face)
(Naruto appears behind sasuke and kicks for his head. Sasuke grabs his leg and tosses him skywards, instantly firing an arrow towards him. Naruto then creates another shadow clone that kicks him out of the way and takes the hit.)
Sasuke: (sasuke grits his teeth, then forms a sword and flies towards Naruto.) die!
Naruto: (forms two black rods) Not today sasuke! (They clash, slashing and stabbing their weapons together, stab, slash, stab, neither one wavering.)
(Naruto gets the upper hand because of his sage powers and punches sasuke, sending him flying into the final valley.)
Sasuke: (he Crashes into Madaras Statue. As the smoke from the impact blows away we see sasuke stir and get up on his feet. Naruto fly down to the opposite side, they face each other) this brings back memories.
Naruto: Things will be different this time sasuke (He forms a rasengane)
Sasuke: (he forms a chidori) you talk too much (Sasuke charges at Naruto, their techniques collide.)
(The explosion that ensues creates a giant creator, wiping out everything around them. Naruto and sasuke are sent flying backwards, with both of their shrouds dissipated. Sasuke throws a kunai; Naruto with shock on his face sees the kunai fly past his cheek.)
Sasuke: (Teleports behind Naruto, and places his hand on narutos back, stopping him from flying backwards) Ninja art: Natures release! (Naruto notices his sage power leaving his body)
Naruto: What is this?
Sasuke: A gift from the first (just as Naruto was about to react sasuke stabs him trough the hart with a chidori.) You were right Naruto things did turn out different (Said as tears flow down his cheeks.)
Naruto: What’s going on (We see narutos eyes turn white as the light from them begins to fade away)
Sasuke: (With his eyes shrouded by his hair, we see tears flow down his cheeks) you were right Naruto things did end up differently.

Naruto 696 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]
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Naruto 697 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

Naruto 697 spoilers!!! NARUTO 697 Predictions&Discussions!!!

Naruto 696 has been released now!!! Enjoy the new chapter!

Naruto 696 "Naruto and Sasuke 3"Summary:

Remembering Sasuke's words during their first fight at the Valley of the End about two high class shinobi being able to convey their feelings through their fists, Naruto tries to convince Sasuke to cease fighting, but Sasuke is adamant to kill Naruto.

Naruto then questions how Sasuke's revolution will guarantee that the shinobi world does not turn out the same as before to which Sasuke claims he will watch over it eternally as his reincarnations.

Sasuke is under the notion that because the threat is gone, the Five Great Shinobi Countries will turn against each other again despite Naruto telling him that the nations had changed.

Sasuke summons the satellites he encased each of the tailed beasts in, and begins channelling chakra from each one into his Susanoo. Self-proclaiming to be the strongest person in the world, his Susanoo begins to change into a more humanoid form, while Naruto creates three shadow clones of his Tailed Beast Mode.

Sasuke easily deflects the first attack sending one of the clones plummeting to the ground. As Sasuke prepares to charge another arrow, Naruto fuses the two remaining clones into a single, three-headed, six-armed avatar.

All the while the clones below gathered natural energy. With both combatants ready to fire, Naruto tells to himself that he always wanted to beat Sasuke in the past, but not the Sasuke that exists now, before he and Sasuke exchange attacks again.


I expect the two projectiles to explode in mid air and nobody gets hurt, making this cliffhanger a total waste in my opinion.

Waiting for Hashirama's power that he gave to Sasuke to somehow appear.

It's hard to make predictions with Naruto so close to it's end. I am not sure how Kishi will wrap this up.
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Finally each other feelings reach them, however !

[Naruto and Sasuke are looking at each other inside white space]
Naruto(get sad a bit): I understand why are you doing it, Sasuke. However it will solve nothing...
Sasuke: You know that the life we live shape our character and make us who we are, right Naruto ?
Naruto: ....
Sasuke: Our life is based on random and important events meet by us on our way.
Naruto: Where do you going with this, Sasuke ?
Sasuke: Childhood is the most important. The way we have grown up is strongly connected to experiences we witness in our life

Naruto(get sad as he looks at ground): loneliness, loss of loved ones...
Sasuke: Surely you know it, right Naruto ?
Naruto(raises his face to meet Sasuke's eyes): ...
Sasuke: We are similliar due to pain and loneliness which we endured in our life.
Sasuke: We have right to change the World as we expierienced despair of this world, but in opposite to others, we have powers to change it.
Naruto: Do you know what is maturity, Sasuke ?
Sasuke: Yes, first I want to heard your answer.

Naruto: Maturity is the way of living which includes forgivness, reconciliation with past and searching for better way to help shape the future with others. Blaming others will not help you.
Sasuke: I already abondoned venegance, I forgave everyone who make me suffer. I know the pain of living such life in that world. That why I have to change it.
Naruto: The world is already changing, there is no need to use force to make it change. The Five Kages already came to agreement, Tailed beasts stopped being hostile and people are not afraid of them anymore.
Sasuke: Tell me Naruto, Can you guarante that peace will be obtained and that noone will try to get more power to rule other people ?

Naruto: The mutual understanding is only way but it takes time to make it taking full effect...
Sasuke: As I thought, you are not sure yourself. I am prepared for everything. I have back up plan in case my first plan failed, it is sign of being adult to know what to do in case something goes wrong.
Naruto(angry): so Getting rid of five kages and tailed beasts is your solution, right Sasuke !
Sasuke: No. I could do it without getting rid of them. However The past's mistakes could still affect people who are living and who will live in future. I will erase the past, to prevent it happening.
Naruto: That is selfish act, you know Sasuke. That also why you want to kill me ?
Sasuke: No, I know the pain of severing bonds I would avoid it if it was possible. To me you are the best and close friend

Naruto(angry): then why ?
Sasuke(calm): As I told you we are no longer kids. As grown up teenagers we have to make choices. Sometimes the choice requires to sacrifice something for greater Good.
Naruto: So you will sacrifice myself,Tailed beasts and Five Kage in name for ?
Sasuke(serious): Peace for humankind.
Naruto: Itachi, you brother taught me with his words. Your goal is impossible to fulfill
Sasuke: You base your actions on my brother's words, I base my actions on my brother's actions.
Naruto: There must be way...

Sasuke: No Naruto, The only way is fight for our goals even if it requires to sacrifice our bond
Naruto: I will fight, but if win you will promise me to accept my way of reaching peace.
Sasuke: And If I will win, then you help in my goal.
[Both Naruto and Sasuke fade away in white space as smile draws upon their mouths ]
Naruto/Sasuke: I am ready brother
[Explosion wears off bursting a lot of smoke shrouding whole valley of the end]
[Smoke screen fall down dispersing in thin air. Naruto and Sasuke stand in front of each other with no cloaks.]
Naruto: thanks for showing me your true feelings (seal of confrontation)
Sasuke: I am glad I could open myself to you(seal of confrotation)

Naruto/Sasuke: Fight ! (shout towards each other)
[Sasuke forms Perfect Sussano dwarfing over Naruto who sprints towards Sussano]
Sasuke: ?! *Why is that fool not using his avatar*
[Perfect Sussano swings it giant blade towards Naruto who sidestep attack appearing in front of Sasuke]
Naruto: Waah ! (forms giant chakra arms which heads towards Perfect Sussano)
[Chakra arm grabs front part of Perfect Sussano.]
Sasuke: ?!
[Chakra arms rip part of front Perfect Sussano's outer layer as it moves down.]

Sasuke: *How ?!* Damn you ! (slices Chakra arm in half with Sussano blade swinged downwards)
Naruto: you know Sasuke, The size does not help you (thrust another chakra arm at Sussano)
Sasuke: Die ! (try to cut Naruto with another Sussano blade but Naruto sidestep)
[Another chakra arms rip part of outer layer of Sussano]
Sasuke(blood flows from eye): Die Naruto Amaterasu !
Naruto: Tailed beast roar !
[Naruto roars pushing Amaterasu out of his body before it fully manifested]
Sasuke: Tsk *Maintaining that big amount of chakra is not easy, yet I can not even hit him...*
Naruto: (land on water, splash) Being such big has some advantages like fighting another giant enemy or fighting against army, but it has also disadvantages

Sasuke(angry): *I have to find way how to fight him in that form.*
Naruto(smirks): it has greater range of attack, but at the same time you have to spread big amount of chakra making your chakra armor less potent. It is not too much mobile also.
Sasuke(closes his eyes for moment): *that right, I will try that* so be it
[Perfect Sussano shrink barerly as where it's head was now is shown flaring Sussano chakra]
Naruto(angry): Let's end ?! *His Sussano shrank*
[Sussano keep shrunking down as it grows only two inches higher then Sasuke's height]
Sasuke(opening EMS and Tomoe Rinnegan eye): I understimated you Naruto, but

Naruto: ?! *he compressed all this massive Sussano chakra to human size, just like my cloak...*
[Sasuke is shown coated in Sussano's armor looking as miniature of Perfect Sussano]
Sasuke(serious): It will not happen anymore, let's end it
[Both Naruto and Sasuke sprints towards each other]
[Naruto and Sasuke clash with their elbows of opposite arms as powerfull schockwave spread]
[Naruto and Sasuke keep exchanging punches and kicks ]

[After series of punches and kicks Naruto and Sasuke back away from each other]
Naruto: It seems your Sussano get more thick...
Sasuke: *As I thought* Exactly, I analyzed your chakra cloak since long time. If you compress giant amount of chakra which would normally spread then it get more potent and more thick.
[Almost Instantly Naruto appears in front of Sasuke just as flash]
Naruto(thrusting hand size TBB at Sasuke)
Sasuke: *There is only one way * ?!
[Naruto thrusts TBB forward as Sasuke is gone with no smoke, mark of movement]

[Sasuke appears behind Naruto's back with enton blade formed in hand as it swinged at Naruto]
Sasuke: ?! (get hit by chakra arm comming from Naruto's back)
[Sasuke get pushed backwards a bit skidding on water's surface]
Sasuke(regaining balance): How could you react so fast ?!
Naruto(without turning around): I prepared chakra arm from back beforehand waiting when I sense you to attack you.
Sasuke: I could appear in any place, so how would you be so sure ? (manifest bow in hands)
Naruto(facing Sasuke): It was precaution, it was better to be prepared then no.
Sasuke: I see... (pull bowstring) Sussano: Enton arrow !

[Multiple arrows covered by solid black flames fly towards shocked Naruto ]
Naruto: ?!
[Naruto's launches mini TBB at each of his fingers of right hand]
Naruto: Canon of Tailed beast bomb fire ! (shot mini TBB towards incomming Sussano arrows.)
[Each of TBB grow in size as they clash with each of Sussano arrow creating continous chain of explosion]
Sasuke: Tsk (flies towards Naruto using Sussano's wings as Enton blade forms in hand)
Naruto: grr (flies towards Sasuke forming goudama shaped into stick in hand)
[Both Naruto and Sasuke clash in goudama stick against Enton blade]

Naruto/Sasuke(Cross panel of Naruto and Sasuke clash): tgh !!
[Naruto manifest another goudama stick and Sasuke manifest Enton blade in opposite hands.]
[Sasuke swings his other Enton blade vertically at Naruto who block it putting his goudama stick upside down]
Sasuke: Chidori Naga ?!
[Both Naruto and Sasuke back away from each other as sparks of lightining erupts around Sasuke. ]
Naruto: You grown much stronger then in kaguya's fight
Sasuke: You didn't saw everything yet, Bansho Tenin !

Naruto: ?! (get attracted towards Sasuke)
[Naruto is shown pulled towards Sasuke as chakra arm emerges from Naruto's chest heading at Sasuke]
Sasuke: ?! (get his hand with Enton blade grabbed by chakra arm)
[Naruto reaches Sasuke's position as he lands kick on Sasuke's jaw ]
Sasuke: ?! *shit !* (see Naruto's goudama stick thrusted towards him) Shinra Tensei !
[Naruto get blasted backwards by powerfull schockwave as he almost connected with blow on Sasuke]
[Naruto regains footing as he notices mechanical armor growing at top of Sussano's armor]
Sasuke: (aim mechanical armor hand at Naruto)Asura Path: Barrage of projectiles !

Naruto: ?! (blinded by projectiles exploding around)
[Smoke screen fill whole area.]
[Smoke clears enough to spot Sasuke with smoke erupting around him]
Sasuke: Animal path: Full summoning contracts !
[Smokes are replaced by Same animals as Pain had ]
Naruto(lower his arms): ?! *Damn Sasuke can use Rinnegan as Nagato...* (notices runing animals at him)
[Naruto flies up as Bird summon smashes into him from sky]
Naruto: *damn that stupid bird !* (get hit)

[Naruto smashes into ground creating crater as smoke erupts into air]
[Smoke screen fill area as animals run into it.]
Naruto: Tailed beast bomb ! (head from behind curtain of smoke)
[The smoke get cleared by explosion of TBB which blows smoke ]
Naruto(angry): I have to fight at full power from now(nine goudama fly around him)
[Close up on Canon launcher entrance gathering chakra into orb as it glows]
[Sasuke is shown with both canon launchers comming around his arms aimed at Naruto]
Sasuke: Ashura path: Yin destructive Enton double beam ! (huge orbs formed with Enton covering it)
Naruto: Ultimate Tailed beast bomb ! (flies from smoke aiming at Sasuke)

Side text: The battle for their goals ! As Friends as brothers but still fight to death, What outcome will be of that furious intence battle of century ?!

find out on next Naruto chapter

Naruto 697 - Demigods

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Naruto 696 spoilers[Predictions & Discussions]

Naruto 695 spoilers!!! NARUTO 695 Predictions&Discussions!!!

Naruto 694 has been released now!!! Enjoy the new chapter! - See more at:
 Naruto 696 spoilers!!! NARUTO 696 Predictions&Discussions!!!

Naruto 695 has been released now!!! Enjoy the new chapter!
Naruto 695 spoilers!!! NARUTO 695 Predictions&Discussions!!!

Naruto 694 has been released now!!! Enjoy the new chapter! - See more at:

Naruto is down to it's final 4 weeks. Naruto  Manga has got it's end date now which is  November 10th.

Naruto and Sasuke, standing on their predecessor's heads.
Where are they standing?

Sasuke is Naruto's one and only best friend

Giant explosion!!!???

Obito and Naruto
Naruto 696 Predictions
Naruto will help Sasuke,  however the fight will not end in the next chapter.

I am hoping we see the power Hashirama gave to Sasuke and again it is going to be irrelevent, same with the tools of the Sage that Tenten found.
Kakashi might not show up in this fight.


This chapter is a bit hard to rate, since it has just techniques used on each other and very little dialogue. I can't say it really impressed me yet I'm sure it's just one of those chapters that isn't meant to be read by itself. This chapter might work well with another chapter (696). Naruto 695 gets a 2 out of 5 from me.

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