Naruto chapter 694 prediction - the failed system

*Chapter starts with naruto and sasuke facing each other *

Sasuke : this failed system of shinobi is the cause of hatred being spreaded , it is in one side maintains a certain different stable units .. That's what you call village and in the other side the fortune , the land , the authority and the power, you see where am I going ... This system in fact is urging for conflict and hatred , as long as this system exists the cycle of hatred will never end , your version of hokage is apart of it too ..

Naruto: ......

Sasuke: I will destroy all of that and build a new one which is more suitable and more fit for the peace to grow into , for example my system as I imagine it won't have any biju included ,that means that there won't be any conflicts over the biju power ..., I as the hokage will eliminate any threat and any one who opposes the system ..

Naruto: sasuke . Your way isn't that much of a different than madara or obito , the peace can't be forced like that that kind of peace is just fake .. 

Sasuke: naruto! Now my role as hokage suggests to eliminate who will stand in my way and that's you and your biju . 

Naruto : [still in his base form] !!?

* sasuke jumbs and lands on the water then he start forming a susanoo without legs but with a bow , naruto follows him , sasuke starts to shoot arrows at naruto but he dodges easily while in midair , naruto forms a clone then lands on the water while forming mini biju dama * 

Naruto : super mini biju dama ! 

* naruto launches flying towards sasuke while avoiding the arrows .., sasuke forms a sword of black flames then swings it towards naruto , naruto then launches back suddenly and lands on the water * 

Naruto [ ending his biju dama and activating the chakra cloak and sage mode ] ( it won't be easy to get close and land a hit with these flames around )

* sasuke widens his left eye suddenly * 

Naruto: !? 

* naruto shown being teleported suddenly in the trajectory of the black flames sword ,, naruto hardly avoids the sword but the flames catches him , naruto flies back with incredible speed away from sasuke while extending the burning part of his chakra cloak then separates it from his body * 

Naruto : (....). [ having a flashback of himself asking sasuke to stop madara from going to kakashi ..] .. that was close! ( it seems that his ability has a certain range ..., I'll keep my distance ...... for now .). 

* naruto start forming a gudou dama rasenshuriken * 

Sasuke : (he is trying to use long range attacks he must have figured it out ! .. ) 

* naruto throws the rasenshuriken towards sasuke , sasuke forms his perfect susanoo while heading quickly towards naruto then avoids the gudou dama ., the gudoudama starts to shine while passing by sasuke's susanoo* 

Sasuke : !? 

* the gudou dama expands then destroys apart of the left side of the susanoo * 

Sasuke : [ reforming his susanoo and heading towards naruto ] ( these orbs are dangerous ... I'll have to keep ascertain distance between me and naruto to prevent him from using it so freely and for my to be able to get out of it's expansion range ) 

* sasuke stops approaching naruto * 

Sasuke : (this distance should be enough though he is out of my teleportation range) . 

* naruto flies up to face sasuke's susanoo*

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Naruto Prediction 694 : Shinobi

the wind blow making sasukes hair waver as he closes his eyes 
susano start to form around his body rising up as naruto just stare at him 

sasuke : " the hokage is one that people aspire to him to do whats necessary what ever they like it or hate it " 

wings grow up " the one who take the burden of doing what ever it takes " 

he open both of his eyes with perfect susano looking down at naruto " to keep people safe even from them selfs " 

the screen focus on naruto face as he slowly smile 

sasuke grin looking at him " u think this is funny "he say 

naruto : " u always gets it wrong sasuke , now its time for me to show u what is hokage " 

he grind his hand as he activates his sage mode looking at him while sasuke slash down his sword toward him 

as the sword meats hashirma face splitting the whole statue into half's naruto isn't there already while sasuke grin more as he run on the hand of susano with no cloak toward the jewel in susanos head and strike it with akick leaving asmall crack on it as the hand of the susano reach him he disappear again to strike the back of his head leaving acrack there 

sasuke looks calm as the sword is fast enough to pierce naruto chest hanging him in the air as he vanish 

sasuke : " fighting with clones , do u think that this is agame , my eyes can see the clones from the real ones " 

another clone strike his rib crashing the bone as susano hammer him down with an elbow and look at him at his feet while the dust calm down , he grin looking at anew sage form clone of naruto smiling at him 

naruto : " not with this new stage of sage powers " he watch susano hand as it crush him with its palm 

sasuke : " those clones are invisible to the rinnegan , but i cant tell the difference which is real , with my sharingan " he think 

sasuke " those attacks wont be enough to destroy susano , i hope u have a plan naruto , because ...." susano start to be engulfed with black flaming armour of amatrasu "lets see how will u afect this naruto , one touch and ur clones are into flames " he smirk 

three of naruto clones jump off the water toward sasuke and strike the jewel with punches and kicks at the same time 

sasuke " what a waste.........!!! " he look surprised at the attack that cracked the jewel and naruto clones that didnt even burn as they been swiped by a hand of susano and vanish as well 

sasuke looks at the crack and get nervous making seals as two hands of susano rises forming a black thunder that strikes the lake frying every thing inside it with the electricity 

two clones appear from behind him striking susano back from two points by the wings as sasuke look at them angry

sasuke : " how did he land a physical strike without touching susano " he think as two hands of susano form another spears of thunder and throw them at the clones as they vanish 

from the forest naruto walks slowly toward sasuke accompanied with thousands of his clones in the sage mode 
as he smiles at sasuke " pretty confused right attacks cant be seen " sasuke grin looking at him 

naruto : " u said quiet enough about ur view of the hokage , now am gonna teach u what real hokage means ....more important ...... " 

he steps toward him as he smile : " what makes u endure more than others to be ..... " 

he point to himself with his thump :" a shinobi " 

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Naruto 694 : What it means to be Hokage

Sasuke : I will show you what a real Hokage is.

Naruto :.................
Sasuke : This world of shinobi has always been in chaos....this world needs order to this
everything be destroyed to reform the shinobi world... and the Tailed beast are a part of the corruption of this world.

Naruto Sage mode : .......
Sasuke : What do you think Naruto........

Naruto Sage mode : You never asked my opinion before...
Sasuke :..... So that's your answer

Sasuke Rinnegan : Amasterasu!
Naruto Sage mode : Windstyle : Rasenshuriken!

The Amasterasu and Rasenshuriken hit eachother between the two Shinobi.
a gigant black explosion appeard.

Naruto Sage mode : ( I can't sense him .....wait my back!)

Naruto dodged a black chidori barely!

Sasuke Rinnegan : .......Susanoo!
Sasuke formed a Susanoo arm that grabbed Naruto like Danzo

Sasuke Rinnegan : In the end this is how it ends
Naruto Sage mode :It does not have to go that way Sasuke.......... instead of destroying this world to rebuild we can also change the way shinobi think.......

Sasuke Rinnegan : .........Itachi said the same thing.....but i am past that now......farewell.....Naruto.

Sasuke crushed Naruto Sage mode.


Sasuke Rinnegan : ....
Naruto Sage mode : Sage art :Rasenrengan!

Naruto cracked the susanoo ribs that Sasuke formed and blew Sasuke from the top of the Hashirama head.

Sasuke and Naruto were both falling and glaring at eachother.....

Naruto was forming a Rasenshuriken!

Naruto Sage mode :This will be a clear shot! Rasenshuriken!

Sasuke Rinnegan : !!!! Rinnegan!!!

Sasuke absorbed the Rasenshuriken!
Naruto Sage mode : That's the same jutsu Madara and Pain use!

Sasuke Rinnegan :.............i am going to finish you....

Sasuke formed the Susanoo with the black orb

Sasuke Rinnegan : Endon : Yasaka magatama

about 50 Magatama's came at Naruto

Naruto dodged most of them! thanks Sage mode he was able to sense the direction

But one of the Magatama hit Naruto!!!
Sasuke Rinnegan : Endon : Kagutsuchi!!! 

The 50 Magatama's came back to hit the Naruto that was in fire!!!!


If that was not enough..............

Sasuke formed a Susanoo arrow with the black flames

Sasuke Rinnegan : This will end it...........HA!
And the arrow was shot. Sasuke used so much black flames half of the water was on fire...

Sasuke Rinnegan begins

Black flames were being removed....out of the black flames a yelllow light appeared

Naruto Sage of sixth paths mode : Sasuke this time i will not hold back..... the last the valley you said that i............wouldn't be able to cratch your headband but this time.........................i will do more than that.....and bring you your friend i ....i must!

Sasuke was closing his eyes and starts to show some tears...

Sasuke opened his eyes a second Rinnegan was awakened!!!!

Sasuke Rinnegan : Fine.................Naruto

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Naruto 694: Scandalous

Naruto: A real...Hokage..?! Do you even know what a leader is?!

Sasuke: Heh, I didn't expect you to get it anyway, afterall these years, you're still so naive. A leader is someone who eliminates all threats to his republic, one who ensues peaces and makes sure everything is in order, that his citizens are safe! For me to so that, I need to eliminate not only those tailed, monsters, but the Gokage aswell! They stand for the corrupted system of the shinobi world! Anyone in my way, will be eradicated, even you....Naruto.

Naruto: [He gritts his teeth and bows his head, a slight breeze ruffles his hair while the rips and his torn jacket flutter about. A single tear streams down his check and gently plops onto Hashirama's statue]. still don't know what a leader is! All those who died, they are shinobi history, they were the ones who layed down their lives to ensure peace, especially the current Kage!

A brief image of Orochimaru holding his arms out appears behind Sasuke, representing his chat about change to Tsunade

Sasuke: We never could see...eye to eye that is.

The panel focuses in on his eye, the pupil dialates as Sasuke jumps and appears behind Naruto with a black chidori in hand, ready to deliver a fatal blow

Sasuke: No one..will oppose my revolution! [Bringing his hand down, Sasuke's lightning blade scrapes Naruto's shoulder, causing a deep seething cut just above the bone]

Naruto: Shit! [Bending his knees and kicking back, he lunges himself forward to escape a full scale attack, narrowly missing the rest of Sasuke's lightning cutter.

Sasuke: [Smirking, a dark purple aura surrounds him as a ribcage begins to encase his entire being. Soon, the Susano'o is complete and it pulls back an arrow which launches in quick succession] You won't even be able to rip this purple sash, much less hurt me.

Naruto: I hafta do sumthin', and quick! [Orange markings begin to cover his eyelids. As he freefalls, he jumps on the air in a zig-zag like pattern, to escape the arrow] Frog Kumite!

Naruto's headband slowly unwraps and begins to fall. It gets to his chest before Sasuke bursts out in laughter and points to the ongoing situation

Sasuke: Take a closer look...

Naruto: Wha--?!

The headband is suddenly replaced by the fiery arrow from moments ago, it quickly impales Naruto in the chest and send him flying into Madara's forearm.

Sasuke: [Frowning followed through with a brief look of saddness, begins to turn then suddenly, he sees a puff of smoke] A shadow clone?! But, when?!

Naruto bursts out of Hashirama's head with a Rasengan in hand, he pushes it against the back of Susano'o, breaking it and landing a hit on Sasuke

Naruto: [While grabbing the purple rope as his rival is sent flying, a gleaming smile beams on the battlefiend] I'm not the same knucklehead as before, I will keep my promise, and show you what a TRUE Hokage is!

The anticipated battle begins! How will these long term rivals settle the decade long fued?


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Naruto Chapter 694: Creation of new order...新世界....Shin sekai

Page 1

Sasuke: Naruto let me explain to you...

Sasuke: What I mean about becoming hokage....


Page 2

Sasuke: One, ORDER, I must get rid of the bjiuus to prevent anyone from gaining power...

Sasuke: By getting rid of them from this world nobody will become stronger then I am, ...

Sasuke: I also realized every hokage that kept the bjiuus around causes someone in the dark to search for them.

Sasuke: Naruto your one for an example.

Page 3

Sasuke: I'll get rid of you and the Charka within you and destroy the source of power that people cause wars with.

Sasuke: I'm sure there's another Madara type person out they're, so if that person comes out of hiding I'll be able to hold them with no problems.

Naruto: The only Madara I see is the one in front of me your showing me that your slowly turning into him.

Naruto: it's seems you will never change.

Sasuke: .....

Page 4

Sasuke: No your wrong I've change much more then you think.

Sasuke: Two, Control, I'll control and bring all 5 nations together...

Sasuke: Yes I'll control all 5 nations and create a new future a NEW WORLD.

Sasuke: I'll force my way in hokage and change things in this world that don't need to be.

Page 5

Sasuke: I'm going to destroy this entire area and remove Hashirama and Madara from existence.

Sasuke: Anything the Gokage's built I'll destroy and create a new planet.

Naruto: Your plan has flaws and I won't let it happen.

Page 6

Hagoromo: I created nishuu and handed all down to ashura thinking things can change for the better.

Hagoromo: I've done it again giving nishuu to Naruto and maybe he can release ashura and Indra Charka from the world.

Kakashi: Ashura and Indra, In Naruto and Sasuke? {Breaks a sweat}

Page 7

Kakashi: ....!!!

Kakashi: (I feel someone around here)

Spiral Zetsu: (I knew this was going to happen)

Spiral Zetsu grabs Madara and takes over the body

Page 8

Hagoromo: Who was that, What was that.

Kakashi: Zetsu? Impossible {Kakashi looks up}

Kakashi: No nothing changed

Kakashi: I can't do nothing I lost tons of power fighting Kaguya.

Hagoromo stares

Page 9

Hagoromo: No you can do something, prevent anything more for happening keep this world stable...

Hagoromo: kakashi hatake.

Kakashi: This power, it feels familiar.

Kakashi: ......!!!!!

Page 10

Kakashi: Kamui? Sharingan? What how?

Hagoromo: Restored your Charka back to when you got sharingan.

Kakashi: With this I can in protect the people... Thank you hermit (And you too Obito)

Page 11

Hagoromo: But the Charka your using is from your friend your own Charka was not restored.

Kakashi: It should be enough.

Kakashi: (I feel they Charka)


Page 12

Naruto and Sasuke taking hard breathes

Sasuke: Why you holding back Naruto? Use The same power you used against Kaguya.

Naruto: Hahaha... I can say the same to you you haven't even used susanoo.

Sasuke: no more games Naruto.

Page 13

Sasuke fly's high up in the air and floats

Sasuke: Its over. I've been saving this kuni just for this moment.

Sasuke throws the kuni far in air.

Page 14

Naruto: Why Sasuke why go into such heights to destroy.

Naruto: (This is on a much bigger scale then madara when he used this.)

Page 15

Naruto: I'll destroy it in a instant.

Naruto goes all out!!!!!!

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Naruto 694 Prediction: Hokage

Naruto: Your true meaning?!?! (makes puzzled face)

Sasuke: In order for my revolution to happen i need the current gokage gone, they need to be killed..., they are following the way of Hashiramas ninja system he created, and i plan to change that twisted system and after that true peace will be acheived

(Naruto gritts teeth): No..., The hokage is the one who can endure for the village, sacrifice himself to his village, the one the children look up to, to become one one day! You plan on forcing your ideas on the village without them getting a choice!

Sasuke: No naruto.. not just the Hidden Leaf village, but the entire 5 great nations! As long as the tailed beasts exist, their will always be a hatred far greater that will want to grasp those powers, I wont allow this failed ninja system to repeat itself once again, thatswhy the tailed beasts need to be killed.

Sasuke: The ninja system we follow killed my clan, my mother..., my father... and itachi....( sasuke lowers his head and we see one tear drop down his face)

Naruto: The tailed beasts have changed, they are not the same as before, they can finally live in peace and not cause anymore conflict, but you still dont understand the true meaning of a hokage, It's not the one who becomes hokage is acknowledged by everyone, but the one who is acknowledged by everyone becomes hokage! Thats what Itachi told me before he left me to you, sasuke.

Sasuke(shocked face):!!!

Naruto: It doesn't matter what ninja system we follow, as long as we fight, the cycle of hatred will continue, and when we die ashura and indras spirits will continue to choose new hosts, and the hatred will only continue again and again, but sasuke, we have the power to change that, change that terrible hatred!

Naruto: We both lost our clan, our mom and dad, and i lost a brother, you sasuke! I know the feeling of hatred that you felt, but my comrades were their to help me and guide me through that darkness! Let me guide you through that darkness sasuke, let me, kakashi and sakura fill that void of hatred with our love for you sasuke!

Sasuke: Thats all part of the past naruto....

Naruto: No sasuke, deep down ik you care for kakashi and sakura, when you came back from kaguyas dimension, ik something happened between you and sakura, in my mode i could sense the hatred being replaced sasuke...

SAsuke: (flashback)

Sasuke: Replaced?!?

Naruto: with love sasuke... really are an idiot naruto...

Naruto: Lets have our final fight now sasuke, not as enemies, but as comrades sasuke, what do you say?

Sasuke: Heh.., fine lets fight than naruto, but don't hold back this time..

Naruto: SO you noticed huh, well i don't plan too

Both are shown with very subtle grins on their face

Naruto claps his hands together and goes into rikoudo mode, sasuke is enveloped by a purple aura.

Sasuke: No matter what you say, it wont change my current goal...

(Narutos grin increases): Heh, we'll see about that!



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